10TB G-drive dismounts from MacMini M1 2020

I have twoG-drives. a 3TB and 10TB with thunderbolt.
They are both connected with USB-B via small USB bridge to Mac Mini M1 2020 (Monterey).
The 10TB drive is recognized when switched and Time Machine backs ups to it.
after a while it dismounts itself from the Mac Mini.
To reg-recognize I need to switch off the 10TB drive, and then it works again.
This did not happen during the first 6 months I had my Mac Mini (Have had the 10TB for 2 years.
My 3TB drive does not have this problem.
AppleCare Help says it is not a Apple issue, but a G-Drive issue.
Please HELP?
Andre (Los Angeles,CA)

Hi @vanderhala,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you. I have submitted via that site.