10TB Easystore Drives Dead


I have a couple of 10tb Easystore drives I purchased a few months back at Best Buy that I shucked and installed in my NAS.

I am totally aware that this voided my warranty…but last week they both quit working. I can’t get them to spin up, totally dead. I have shucked 10tb’s in another case and those are working great.

These particular one’s were in a case with a mix of 8TB drives and those 8tb’s are fine. I am not sure what happened but I think the PCB boards could be toast? They just died all of a sudden.

Any ideas? I’d like to try and fix them because right now they are $350 paperweights. I tried looking for the PCB boards online, haven’t been able to find them yet. I have a support ticket in with WD asking if they will sell me a pair of new ones.

Thanks again