1080p videos stop

Hi, I asked this on spanish forum but I didnt solve the problem so I came here now, sorry my bad english :S.

well, I’ll try to explain my problem. When I play 1080p videos they only play a few minutes and suddenly stop and come back to the menu. It happens with videos that I’ve already seen some time ago, so its not a video format problem. 720p and other kind of videos have no problem.

I`ve tried deleting the wd folder on my hard drive, and installing new updates but it didnt helped. I havent tried with another hard drive so I dont know if its a hd problem or wdtv problem. My wdtv hd is Gen 2.

Well, thats all, thanks you and sorry again if you dont understand me.



Can you please post the mediainfo data from your file, you can visit http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en and download the application.