1080p issue on Samsung 550 TV

Hi I recently bought a 1080p TV to finally play all my 1080P HD content. The problem is that when i set the player to 1080p (50 or 60 hz) the display menu will come up in a corrupted green colour. It works fine in 720p but not 1080p, any ideas?.

I tested the player on friends Sony Bravia TV in 1080p and it works fine. My PS3 works fine on my new TV too in 1080p.

The TV i bought is a Samsung 37 inch 550 Series (Model: LE37B554).  I have a first gen wdtv with firmware 1.03.01.

I have tried different HDMI inputs and also through a HDMI receiver.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

This is the forum for the WDTive Live, so you’d get better luck posting your question in the WDTV forum.

Thanks for the heads up, but just solved the problem anyway.  The HDMI cable needed to be a 1.3 version to support 1080p.  Hope this helps someone with a similar problem.  Cheers.