1080p files not working

Can anyone help me figure out why these 1080p MKV files are not being read by WD TV Live with latest firmware installed?

I bought this unit to play HD  content onto our 1080p T.V. if it can’t play 1080p MKV files, then this unit is pretty useless

SiZE…: 2.2 gb (1/2 dvd5)
ViDEO.CODEC…: H.264 (x264)
FRAMERATE…: 23.976
BiTRATE…: 4334 kbps
RESOLUTiON…: 1920x1080
AUDiO…: Japanese AC3 4.0 640 kbps
SUBTiTLES…: English

Size : 5.98 GB (1080p)       
Audio : Japanese 6.1 FLAC (from Dolby TrueHD)
Subtitles : English (A S S)
Video Frame Rate : 23.976 CFR
Video Resolution : 1904x1072, displayed as 1920x1080
Video Codec : x264 r1057
Format : MKV

Can anyone shed any light on this?

What’s the best way to get support for this unit?

Good thing I got it from Best Buy, this will be going back before the 30 day warranty is over, and will be replaced with another unit!

How did you rip these files?

I can play all manner of 1080p files (even wirelessly) on my Live (been doing it for months now and played around three or four dozen such movies without any difficulties).  I rip using AnyDVD HD and encode with Handbrake (using the High Standard setting) passing through the DTS or AC3 track to an mkv container (with H.264 encoding, natch).

And what is the problem?  Does it give you an error message when you try and play them?

I’d definitely try Handbrake first just to see if it’s the file – all kinds of files play on the PC that Live (or any other media player – don’t get me started on the three I tried before I got the Live) can’t play.  So you first need to start from a known standard.

(I love the Live so much I bought another one).

The second file has a multichannel flac soundtrack, while stereo tracks play without a problem I doubt multichannel tracks are supported yet. As for the other one I’m not sure, AC3 4.0 should work but who knows. I suggest you get Mediainfo and copy/paste its report here.