1003FBYX only showing 32M Cache?

Recently bought a FBYX RE4, however when checked for Cache size it only shows 32M (to be exact, 33.55M)??

Is that normal or I got a re-firmwared fake?

I really have a problem with WDC letting anyone to flash its firmware!!

Not sure what other information would be helpful…thanks

FBYX firmware ver. 5.00K05

Disk format GPT

Operating system Windows 7 64bit

Motherboard Asus P5KE-Wifi (P35)

I find that odd that it only shows 32m. Are you using another 3rd party software to flash the drive?

 I would suggest building a like system outlined by one of these websites and using the described utilities to benchmark the hard drive.  These websites include: “Tom’s Hardware,” “Extreme Tech Weekly,” and “Storage Review”.

Performance is relative to many factors including, but not limited to how the drive is set up, what function the drive performs, and the data currently on the drive.  For more information regarding benchmarking, please see the information in the link below.


See this article:

Detecting Buffer or Cache Size in ATA Hard Disk Drives:

If you wish to physically verify your drive’s cache size, then remove the PCB and examine the datasheet of the SDRAM chip, or upload a photo and someone will be able to help you.

Thanks fzabkar this is helpful, but are you sure that 64M cache should show up 32M or just 0M?

Further, the firmware ver. seems very strange, as 05.00K05 seems to be for FALS, which is by the way, 32M cache!

This is reaaally frustrating!!

AIUI, the maximum cache buffer size that can be reported by the drive via the ATA Identify Device command is 32MB - 512 bytes. Therefore, no drive will be able to report 64MB or even 32MB, which means that the 32MB figure reported by your software must be incorrect. FWIW, I have noticed that some of Seagate’s newer 64MB cache models redefine word #2, but I have no idea whether this is reflects a change in the ATA standard, or whether it is Seagate’s own usage. You could capture the Identify Device information using the Text Copy feature in CrystalDiskInfo.


HD Tune Pro has a cache test:

Sorry, I should have written, “redefine word #21”.