100% of CPU usage all the time!

My Ex4100 is always running on 100% cpu usage, but the device is idle.

No one connecting. The indexing/cloud is done about a few days.

Take a look on the ss:


I would take it offline, scan it for malware or ransomware. nasAdmin is using a chunk of memory thats probably routing through rest or restsdk-server. Same as otaclient. Run atop and find out what and where is moving. maybe run a tcpdump aswell…

Thanks, tcdump: “command n.f.”

And, atop:


Whats means this “sys” using a lot of CPU?

Yup, WD explained this. Upgrading causes it to re-index everything. People reporting in other threads as having their devices index for 2+ weeks with full cpu usage and fans spinning wild the entire time.

Basically this combined with the terrible auth redirect, and removal of a lot of apps and functionality is why WD has had to make multiple follow up announcements and essentially apology posts stating they are going to fix the problems and are working on it.

Not sure man, cause a have a lot of cpu usage on the “smbd” process.

type kill -9 5988 to kill the proc which is consuming 117% of your cpu. restsdk

ok but every time i reboot the device the proc will start again.