1 Week 2backup to my EX2?

Using WD Smartware Pro to backup to an internal drive my EX2 (RAID | 1) and this is my first time using a NAS or backup like this… 

What I don’t understand is my EX2 is plugged directly into the ethernet in the back of my computer… and backing up the 968.8GB is going to take me almost a week!! lol 

Its going on 24hrs now and it has only backedup 59.8GB. lol this is insane for a RAID 1. 

I’m laughing cause this is utterly useless. lol… it gives me the exact results… if not worse than backing it up to CrashPlanPro Servers online and this thing is plugged directly into my computer.  

Is there something I am doing wrong? Does any of this sound normal/ odd? 

Any assitance would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Welcome to the Community.

What are the specifications of your computer? Is it using a dedicated 10/100/1000 (Gibagit) NIC? If so, are you using a CAT6 cable? Another consideration is the RAID type since RAID 1 is slower than RAID 0. 

I just backed up 20GB in less then 40min with the cable from the NAS’s box pluged into my laptop (nothing special about my old laptop ACER Aspire 5738z). The NAS is configured in RAID 1, and i have the WD Red drives.

I think something is wrong either NIC or cable or NAS