1 WD MyCloud, 2 IP Addresses

I have deleted and reinstalled the WD MyCloud app on my MacBook Pro (Mojave) several times due to “operator error” that froze the database. Each time I went through the registration process. Somehow the single WD MyCloud is evidently registered with two different IP addresses.
If I use the WD MyCloud app it searches for WD devices in my network and returns two instances. One IP starts with a 10.0. The other starts with 192.168. It doesn’t matter which one I choose to connect. I get a WD MyCloud Sign In asking for my name and password. However, it won’t let me enter anything in those fields.
If I go into Finder under Locations there is an entry for my personalize named MyCloud. When I click on it, it connects and I see all of the shares originally created and the data within the shares. Under Network there is another instance for my personalized named MyCloud. If I click on it the same thing happens.
How do I resolve this and get the WD MyCloud app working?
If I type the WD MyCloud.local in my browser I get into the WD MyCloud dashboard.

@LEWIS_BAKER You are having the same problem that I was having using the desktop app for my Windows computer. The app will no longer work so I deleted it the other day. I use File Explorer to look at what’s on my two My Clouds.

I would think the same thing is going on with the app for your Mac, you are no longer able to use it.

Interesting that you are having the same issue on Windows that I’m having on MacOS.
Thank you for your response.