1 TB USB Ultra SO SO SLOW on copy and opening too

Dear All
i have another Problem on HDD 1 TB
suddenly it Became so so slow
i have bought another one [1TB Ultra WD] , to copy All data on from the Slow one DATA exceeded 650GB .
do you Imagine or 1.64 GB only copied at More:weary::rage: :weary:

2 Days ((What)) !! Yeh it is true .

so 650 BG it will take More than 8 Month :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::open_mouth: or More
do you Believe that !!!
according to that ration of transfer Data it will take More than 6 Month so what can i do ?
Please if there any one can help ?
i appreciate all Effort here i hope to find a solutions .


I recommend you try with another USB cable and also another computer if possible. If the issue remains then it is definitely a drive issue and in that case I recommend Data recovery.

Dear sir
i have tried Several computer And 2 Laptop Too
the Cable is the First thing i thought so i prepacked it .and the Problem still
about recovery why ? it work but its too slow , i see all data ,all the data i can see it , but i cant fast copy to Another one i have already doing that ,
but it will take Moving 650 GB according the is Slow it Will take a year about year
i am coping 1.6 GB Only on 2 days and have
if there any way to Help i am ready
even if colon does not work ,

thank you