1 TB Passport randomly disconnects

Hi Everyone,

I purchased my 1 TB Passport approximately 6 weeks ago. I worked great until I tried to image my Toshiba Satellite (also new) with Ghost 15. It will run for several hours and then the passport will un-register itself causing the Backup to crash.

I slowed down the backup, I don’t bother it while its working, I even disabled the WiFi during the backup.

I contacted Amazon so I will see how that goes.



Yep, I have the same problem,  my hdd external (1 TB , USB 3.0) is disconnected itself every moment, and restarted again. RANDOMLY.

Anyone can help me, please.


I face the same problem!

I bought 3 such disks in excitement, only to realise how much they **bleep**!

It connects and disconnects every 5 mins!

Am using windows 7… every 5-10 mins or so, my autoplay pops up, and then the comp just keeps searching for content.