1 TB my book wont display on my computer

it happened about two days ago, i  have two my-books, niether of them will read on either my lap-top and desktop computer, as well as, either of my game consoles. to my knowledge nothing has provoked this sudden lack of accessibility, except that one of them may have lost power at one point because it fell out of the outlet. but neither of them work now, i have already gone through the entire troubleshooting post at the top of this forum, i also tried a few extra steps.

they both start up when plugged in, and the blue  light flashes then stays steady after being plugged into the computer(s) (but nothing happens) they make the same low humming and slightly vibrate from the disc reading, i have two different USB cables that work properly and i already checked all of the computer(s) USB ports with a flash drive. switched around both USB and power cables to see if one  was faulty (none were). 

extra steps: checked device manager to  see if they showed up there even looked for unsupported hardware  and didnt find anything (maticulusly searched every tab in device manager and still didnt find anything).

it just seems that the books dont communicate with any device they are connected to.

my book 1 - has almost full capacity

my book 2 - has about half  capacity

naturally the data on both of them is something i do not want to lose. but i think one of them is out of warranty and the other is. i was just wondering if there is anything simple that i am missing here that could help me avoid having to 1) lose the data by replacing them 2) have to fill out a support e-mail that will cause a headache.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support