1 tb my book problem, dont think its spinning? HELP!

man o man, ive always had god luck with western digital hard drives so i bought the 1 terabyte my book because i have alot of important music data, i do concerts so i backed up all my lyrics and etc. about 10 years worth of work is put on my usb drive i even took it off discs to store it all on this drive. ive only had this thing not even a year and already its stopped working.

this similar problem happened a few times after i bought it it would stop working the light in the front would freeze i would turn the computer off and the light would still be on all i would have to do is unplug the power a few times and it would kick back to normal

today had it plugged in was searching for a file, then left my computer idle for a while, a few hours later i went to look for another file and the usb wasnt recognized as a drive it didnt show up at all!

so i did the obvious unplugging and plugging, power on and off. i tried on my ps3 and my computer and the drive will not pop up, it wont recognize it at all. when i plug it in i can hear the motor a little bit at one point it sounds like its spinning for about 2 seconds then stops. it will blink 2 or 3 times as its spinning then stops and goes back to the light just being on.

i have no clue what to do from what i read from everyone else is that everyone is having a similar problem and that ill never buy this product ever again and im surely going to tell everyone to stay away from it!

does anyone know exactly what my problem is or what i can do? it sounds like something to do with the usb(yes ive tried diff usb chords), im guessing my last option is to take it apart and plug it into my computer and use it as a hard drive. so my other question is if i do that would it be ok to leave it in my computer as a hard drive for good? this is very important to me as i have 600 gb of work data on this thing!

If it works when you put it in your computer, then it shouldn’t be a problem.  Just know that taking apart the drive will void your warranty.

i contacted tech support and its still under warranty so ima try to see the prices of someone to recover the data. i dont wanna take it apart and ruin my option of at least getting a new hard drive. its sort of a pickle choosing do i just get a replaced one for free under the warranty or do i just avoid the idea and try to take it apart and fix it myself to get my data. i hope i can just find someone cheap to retrieve it for me

it still has power but feels like the motor is burnt out or soemthing because it reads as hard disk under the device manager but doesnt pop up at all under my computer, and the diagnostics tool just says warning bad health and wont read the disc. and when i plug the usb in it takes a while for it to beep on my computer. and sometimes it spins then clicks and stops so i dont wanna keep making it worse by trying to get it to boot up.

Unless someone else can help, it looks like data recovery for you.