1 TB HD LED Light dose not stop blinking. And not working

I have USB2 1TB hard drive with electric cord, i think its the elements.

When i connect the drive to the electricity, nothing happpen.

Then, i amm connecting the USB cable to the computer, the LED light start to blink none stop, but the drive still not working.

Any ideas? i have so much data on the drive. i really need your help.


Have you checked Disk Management?

It’s normal for the drive to come on when connected to the USB port

Thanks for you help, but i think you did not get my issue.

The hard drive is not been recognized by 3 3 different computers that i checked, also not recognized by WDTV live device.

The light staid bliniking even after i am disconnecting the USB cable, and only the power cable is connected.


Put your ear to the drive when it is powered on and connected with USB cable. Do you hear anything? Spinning, buzzing, ticking, silent?