1 TB external portable HD undetected Mac iOS

Hi. I have this hard drive that I have been using for years and suddenly it stopped working and can’t be detected anymore by my MacBook Air (as my Time Machine back up). I tried all the techniques I can find online but it didn’t work. It is running each time I plug it (led light’s ON) but unrecognizable by my Mac, I tried it on my Windows and same thing. 

Please let me know what to do. I am planning to buy a new one and now I am skeptical to get the same brand because this one failed me and lots of my school/personal files had been compromised.



Make sure the drive is plugged in directly into the computer USB port (back USB if possible). Avoid any extension cords and USB hubs.

Thanks for the reply but I do not use any USB hub, the drive is connected directly to the PC’s USB port.