1 month later Passport is not functioning, What is this connector (image)

Hi all,

One month ago I purchased My Passport 750GB USB 3.0.

Put about 100 GB and haven’t used it much.

Yesterday I wanted to use it and am having trouble getting data off it

  1. The Passport connects fine initially

  2. Open the Drive in windows. Open the first level of folders fine

  3. Once I get 2 folder deep the harddrive (seems to) freeze and windows explorer locks up.

I’ve tried this on numerous desktop and laptops. XP/Vista/7 same results

I would like to connect the Passport directly to a sata connection. I open it up (the casing)

the Usb port is hard wired to the drive.

But there is another connection of 2 rows of 6 pins.

Does anyone know what kind of connector this is? Can I get a cable to connect it to eSata port or interal sata port?


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Million Dollar Question! Anyone?

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Sometimes the drive only shows up as ‘drive:G’ and isnt even recognised as ‘my passport’ as it used to.

When i leave it a while i have the same issue as you.

Dunno about that sata **bleep**, but it should just work on usb anyway. doesnt seem to be a solution anywhere.

I had a feeling that the problem is the USB bridge, so I want to connect it directly with SATA. Just don’t know how. That’s why I posted the pic.

It’s not an issue with the USB voltage/power b/c i get the same results and numerous desktop, not just laptops.

I tried running Checkdisk but Freezes…


If the USB>SATA interface gone bad, you have no other means of recovering your data. Even by finding correct pin connections. My Passports are no ordinary drives as it has built-in Initio chip for data encryption. Data encryption is enforced eventhough you elect not to use password option.

If you were able to successfully access your disk through SATA connection, available data will be encrypted and you have no way of decrypting it.

Well, I have half the data (50gb) on mozy. Which just finished recovering (29 hrs) [not bad!]

I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet on the other 50gb’s.