+1 for the CM3 with SSD

I really like the look of this product - a durable eMMC on the CM3 coupled with a 120GB SSD means a fast and reliable option for kiosks (Screenly/Chrome) and a media player.

I shared a picture of my device on Tweet and people seemed very interested - https://twitter.com/alexellisuk/status/831121487440596992

I’m yet to try this with a rotary laptop hard-disk… has anyone else tried?

I’ve gone the other direction. As of today, I have a CM3L in a SATA Adapter with a 60GB SSD. So no SD card and no eMMC. Boots directly from the SSD.

Hi guys, here’ a sneak peek at some new products in the works related to the CM discussion:

SATA-CM adapter with 120GB SSD in small, thin enclosure:

PiDrive Node CM:

Sigh… Afraid I’d rather see either at least one more USB port or an Ethernet jack on the SATA Adapter. Other than that…that’s a rather nice package. If (hope on, hope ever) the Pi4 in a year or two has USB 3 and a CM4 comes out, there would be a new SATA Adapter with more ports…