1 disk shows as 2 disks

Hi, I have a 3TB RED NASware WD30EFRX drive recovered from a Synology DS412+ 4-bay NAS.
When I connect it to my laptop (Windows 10 Professional, 64 bits) (SATA to USB3 adapter), it comes up as 2 disks in Windows “Disk Management”. The two disks are of 2TB and 750GB. These are not partitions on the same disk; they appear as two separate independent disks.
Each of them, I can initialize, partition, format, etc without any problems. However, I can’t seem to be able to “join” them into a large 3TB disk.
The BIOS and all the drivers are up-to-date; the laptop is a Toshiba P50t, the CPU is INTEL i7 and has 16GB of RAM. I also tried with a Lenovo 3000 and got the same result.
Does anybody know why this could be so? and how to get it appear as one 3TB disk?
I have already tried WD Data Lifeguard, but they provide no option to undo the split (I don’t know what else to call it.)
Thanks for any advice.


It turned out that the 2TB limitation was on the SATA-to-USB3 adapter I was using (go figure!).
I changed the adapter and the drive shows as a whole 3TB disk, as it should.
Thanks to all who replied.
(I’m not sure how to close this “case” - can’t find any “closed” button to click in the forum)


I recommend you to connect the drive directly to the SATA port of a desktop computer to determine if you are having issues with the WD hard drive or the USB/SATA connector.

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