1.5tb wd caviar green cannot be initialized

I just bought wd caviar green 1.5tb. I tried to initialize but there is error" The medium is write-protected". I used hdtune pro and there is this error


Does it means this disk is broken or there is solution?.

HD Tune is telling you that you don’t have read access. Assuming the drive is otherwise OK, this would suggest that it may be password protected.

The drive is new and how to diagnose if the drive is broken or not?.

Try Western Digital’s Data LifeGuard dignostic. To eliminate any possible Windows issue, use the bootable CD version.

Otherwise you can use HDAT2. Select "Security " from the main menu.

HDAT2/CBL Hard Disk Repair Utility:

User’s Manual HDAT2 v4.8:

The HDAT2 Cookbook: