1.0TB WD Caviar Green fried - advise please

Hi all,

Yes, I plugged in the wrong cable and I burnt something in there. I know absoulutely nothing about this but I opened the case and it was obvious where the damage was done. The little black square to the left is partly melted and there was soot around.

Detail of the burnt part (U2)

I’m not sure this is the only damage but there is nothing else that is obvious. What can I do?

  • Get a new enclosure? I’ve looked but can’t find any. Any ideas?
  • Replace the board? Where to get a replacement?
  • Have it fixed by a professional? I’m in Tasmania (Australia), anyone knows someone around here?
  • Fix it myself? I do have a solder iron but need a how-to and warnings for dummies and where to get the part…Probably not a great idea…

Also, the power cable (including the adaptor bit) is missing so exactly what kind of cable do I need (a link to eg ebay would be appreciated)


You probably burned a diode. Check the posts by fzabkar he has explained what to to if you are tech savy. You can also try to send him a PM.


I’ve seen posts here about burnt diods and some of fzabkars posts. From what I can see it doesn’t seem to be (only) a diod in my case. That melted part right behind the ac socket must have some function too?

I’ll send him a pm.

That board is a USB interface only and you should be able to disconnect it from the actual drive. Its not part of the drive electronics. You will then either be able to use the drive on its own in say a PC or buy another interface to make it USB again. These interfaces are quite cheap and are sold on eBay. You don’t mention what the actual model of the drive was before you took it apart.



This MAY be the same as yours.


However best to read this.


Thanks for the info richUK

from your last link:

This got me worried. I was trying to get my head around it but I’m still confused. Does this apply to me too? If it does, how can I proceed?


I’m sorry but I have no idea. I put that link in as a warning but it may not be correct. I would think that the damaged board was simply a USB interface and any drive electronics would be within the actual drive. However I have real expertise in this field so its just my opinion.