1.07 Re-boot while browsing files in gallery view

Any updates or info on this issue?

I gather from the “issues” forum that this is a common bug but certainly not everyone is getting it.

Unfortunately, I get it consistently while browsing my video files in gallery mode. It will freeze briefly and reboot after navigating through about 10-30 video files.

If I switch to one of the grid views, the problem disappears completely. It seems to have something to do with the backdrops I think. Maybe the external drive type is related as well (250BG WD Passport in my case).

It’s a shame because the 1.07 fixed the mp4 freeze/fatal error for me and my wife and I really like the gallery view.

So has anyone found a workaround on the 1.07 firmware that alows the gallery view without re-booting?

I really hope this issue gets fixed in the next update.

If you have this issue and haven’t voted for it yet, please do so here:

Firmware 1.07 reboots while navigating folders/files

Hi, you might want to go to roll back to an older version of the firmware or just use the grid view while the new firmware comes out.



I have gone back to the 1.06 firmware but the “fatal error” bug makes that unusable as well.

Then I tried the 1.05 firmware and that one seems stable so far. I did get one “fatal error” when stsrting an AVI file but overall, it’s the best one that still lets us use Gallery view.

I have to say; I’m a little dissappointed with this player so far. No device like this that I’ve owned has been without some issues but the constant reboots are a bit much to put up with.

Hoping for a new firmware without “reboot” issues…and soon!

Just wanted to update this thread.

A WD staff member has posted to the “issues” thread on this topic that the problem has been solved in the next release.