1.06.04 1080p 720p mkv stutters

I am having problems with my highest quality blueray rips. They stutter at key high movement sections which they didn’t used to. Can I downgrade to the earlier firmware to fix this? if so is there a link I can use and how can i downgrade?



i’ve tried rolling back last night, and connecting via 100mb ethernet cable from the NAS. Its “better” but I am still getting stutters on some of the most demanding momements when alot is occuring. i.e. I have a rip of Planet Earth. The scene around 2 mins on the first ep is a good test envrionment. About 100 thousand birds are migrating on a pan out screen and the wd tv live just cant handle the last 4-5s of the shot. It stutters, audio cuts off and then gets itself back together after about 5 or so seconds. 

The file has an average of 11Mbit according to the options menu. 

I dont think it can be the NAS, its brand new (Synology DS212j) and I can read off it around 60-90 MB /s on its gigabit switch however the WD TV Live is only connected via the virgin router downstairs at 100mbit. The router is connected to the gig switch via a 200mb TPlink powerline connection which I have tested to offer the full 100Mb/s upstairs over the poweline. 

Ah, the classic “Birds” benchmark.    It’s famous.

Are you using WIRED or WiFi to stream this?

You might check “Bitrate Viewer” to see what the bit rate is during the bird migration scene.


its a wired connection. 

It goes NAS > TP Link 200MB powerline > Virgin Router > 100mb ethernet > WD TV Live (g3)

I thought the powerline might be causing the problem but its able to run at the full 100mb advertised (I tried downloading the file off the NAS throgh the powerline and can get as you would expect about 6-7MB/s on it. 

It seems to peak at 37Mbit at the bird scene but average about 12mbit. 


At those high bitrate scenes, you may then be suffering from this issue, which is specific to MKV files:


ah, any idea if I can fix this? Can this little thing play back the said files? My PC can play them fine.

Same problem here with MKV’s stuttering, even though I use a USB hard disk

Same problem here. mkv’s stutter. This is with the files playing from a usb hard drive.