1.04.31_V will not play .VOB correctly

It appears that the lastest version 1.04.31_V does not read the .IFO files to obtain screen resolution of the original recording.

Any programs I record on my DVD recorder that I wish to play on my other TV system, I burn to disc and rip to my PC to download to my network drive. The DVD recorder is a few years old and compresses the 16:9 resolution into a native 4:3 file, the player obtains the resolution from the .IFO file.

This is how it worked perfectly until I upgraded to version 1.04.31_V, since the upgrade all recordings are shown in the native 4:3 format so the picture is compressed.

I checked the .IFO settings using and editor and they were all correct so as a last resort I have downgraded the firmware to the previous version 1.04.22_V and now my recordings play correctly.

IIRC the flag can also be written to the VOB and not the IFO only.

I don’t think the IFO has ANY indication of the stream resolution.  I think that’s entirely within the MPG stream within the VOB files.

If it were in the IFO file, then it wouldn’t be possible to play a VOB without the IFO being present and read.   And the WD doesn’t read the IFO in Non-NAV mode.

I have used IFOedit to get a 4:3 DVD to expand to 16:9. I changed all the video settings in the IFO files from 4:3 to 16:9 and it worked. I believe that if the IFO files are present then they take priority over the VOB.

Guide here


Ahh!!  Good info!

Thanks for all the suggestions and pointers. I have done some further testing.

It appears that in version 1.04.22 the .IFO file is read and resolution applied if the file is present but in version 1.04.31 the .IFO file is ignored and the resolution settings are taken from the .VOB file.

Analysing the .VOB file -

The settings are in section Video Pack GOP / Video Attributes :-

value 755122211 ( hex 2d024023)

2d0 = 720 - video width

240 = 576 - video height

2 = aspect 4:3

3 = frame rate 25fps

by changing this  value to 755122227 (hex 2d024033)

it changes the aspect ration to 3 (16:9)

I used VobEdit.exe to make the change.

IFOEdit Homepage: http://www.ifoedit.com/

Be cautious with IFOEdit. It is possible to have a number of different resolutions within the same IFO and VOB files DVD file structure. There are also some very badly mastered DVD’s on the market especially PAL region, that use dummy files to confuse editing software.

With IFOEdit you have to check both the IFO and VOB files otherwise the resolution and aspect ratio is initially read from the IFO file, then when the player software switches to the VOB file, if the resolution is different, the resolution will be read from the VOB files.

A simple way with IFOEdit is to copy only the main movie VOB files to a new folder and let IFOEdit build a completely new IFO file from the VOB files. You can also strip out any redundant sound tracks. Once completed play the movie on your computer; you can then check your resolution and aspect ratio and then edit both the IFO and VOB file structure to suit your application.

The IFOEdit homepage has a number of interesting links which explains the IFO and VOB file structure and methods of overcoming badly mastered DVD titles. Well worth the reading for people who want to edit the trailers and advertising from VOB files.

IFOEdit may be outdated software but for the simple IFO and VOB file editing most people require, it is still one of the best IFO and VOB editors on the market.

I prefer PgcEdit though.