1.04.22_v audio sync problem

I’ve encountered a problem with the latest firmware upgrade. The audio is no longer synchronized with the video when playing .m4v files. There is a slight offset. There appears to be no consistency with the offset. I have tried to downgrade the firmware to 1.04.17_V. I followed the instructions as listed on the wdc webpage, but the firmware upgrade icon does not appear after I press “home” followed by navigating to the setting. I am using a lexar usb thumbdrive. The device recognizes the thumbdrive, but it doesn’t want to upgrade the firmware.

I also noticed that the version in the wdtvlive.ver file is quoted as ‘4.04.17_V’. I’ve changed this to ‘4.04.23_V’ and ‘1.05.17_V’ with no success.  In the newest firmware, the version is specified as ‘1.04.22_V’. Help!.

I thought it might be a compatibility issue with the lexar thumbdrive so I copied the files to a wd my book usb external drive. After a few minutes, it was able to locate the firmware and I was able to downgrade the unit back to version 1.04.17_V.

Even with the downgrade, I’m still experiencing problems with audio not synchronized to the video. I did not have this problem out of the box when I bought it last month. I’ve only noticed the problem last week after the last firmware upgrade. I also observed other problems with the latest firmware upgrade, which the downgrade to 1.04.17_V did resolve. These are as follows:

problems in 1.04.22_V:

2x,4x,8x fast forward response time slow. (not a problem in 1.04.17_V)

16x fast forward = black screen. (not a problem in 1.04.17_V)

Unit locks up when powering on with an older wd “my home” usb external drive. (not a problem in 1.04.17_V)

I thought it might be the hdmi cable, so I used the composite cables. Audio sync problem still exists.

Do I have a defective unit?