1.03 is a bad new update!

As a non-english user, I have subtitles on every movies(iso). Before updating the subtitles came automatically. After updating to 1.03 I have to find the subtitles manually. That´s 4 extra push on the remote. Not so bad for me, worse for the 8-year-old kid. After update the push on the remotecontrol have risen with 50 %. That´s not development.

And. The timeline does not follow the ff after upating. It does after like 10 seconds. Before updating the timeline was very responsive with ff or rewind.

I have another wd tv live. I will not update the other. I see others have soundproblems. This is not a good work, Western Digital. Not good at all!

Have you tried turning the subtitles on in the setting menu.

Settings - Video - Subtitle default - on

Yep Im with richUK, i think the ‘subs on’ as a default will fix it.

Yes. The first thing I checked was if subtitles was enabled. And they were. I tried to disable them, restart, enable them again. But playing dvd iso the wdtv live must now enabled the subtitles after the movie starts. That is not good at all. Like I said. 50 % more pushing on the remote. I would rather have less pushing on the remote. Like it is now, the minimum  tapping on the remote is 14 times before the movie starts. I need to wear a finger protection using wdtv :frowning: Tomorrow I must see a doctor, and eat some non steroid anti inflamatory drugs.