1.03.22 official release, when?

I have had my WD TV live for two weeks now, and since upgrading to latest firmware (1.02.21), i’ve experienced nothing but trouble with the unit. It freezes almost every time i connect to network shares, Fast Forward doesn’t work, and sometimes the menus have a life of their own. When pushing once on the arrows on the remote, menus skip 3-4 steps??? Is there any news on when the 1.03.22 firmware will be released? Hope this will resolve the problem.  I’ve tried looking up the beta, but was too late.


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No one but the WD team knows for sure, but it’s said to be “imminent”.

My own guess would be in the next couple of weeks.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

How about the opportunity to downgrade? Do you know if  there is any place to download earlier firmawares?

The " 1.03.22" will be never released ;)  This ist only a pre-release.

To downgrade your device, fully read (through the  end):


I’m kinda of the belief that the 1.03 code isn’t going to fix your issue.   My reasoning is that those aren’t identified as consistent issues on the 1.02 code, either.

Network shares will cause the box to freeze if the share is lost or becomes unstable during a stream.  I would investigate to see if you’re having networking problems.   I can reproduce this issue if I go de-share something while a movie is playing; the WD will freeze requiring a hard boot.   This is actually listed in the knowledge base, too.

Fast Forward and Rewind are dodgy under the best of circumstances.   It has to do with the way the file is encoded.   DVDs seem to FF/RW VERY well comparatively.  My MKVs will continue to rewind for several seconds after hitting PLAY…  They do work better if they’re locally attached though.

Remote issues are usually hardware related.  Bad Batteries / IR interference / Bad remote / Bad receiver.  No one has ever mentioned remote issues that were fixed with Firmware.

The beta software is floating around the net.  Do some Googling and you’ll probably find links to it.

Currently my WD TV is connected with a long cable… about 40 meters. At the end it goes into my router (Cisco) - at an other port in the router, I have a switch connected to wich NAS server (synology) is attached. Perhaps i should try to connect the NAS directly to the router or try to make the cables shorter?

I will do some research on the subject and let you now if i have any luck. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be released when all outstanding problems have been solved.

Well, now i have installed the beta and so far WD TV live runs much more smooth than before the install. I have also connected the NAS directly to my router instead of letting it run through a swich first.

Oh, and I really enjoy the DVD menu support :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all your help! It has been priceless :slight_smile: