1.02.21 Firmware Release – 17NOV16

  • No Issues Updating :heart_eyes:
  • Some issues Updating :neutral_face:
  • Update failed completely :cry:
  • I never got notification to Update :confounded:

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This build will NOT include any BUG fixes that were reported by some of you. We are still working on those

Please fill out the survey at the top of this page as soon as you get the build.

If you have any issues installing the build please let us know.

Please use the Feedback Topic if you have any bugs to report, you may be one of the lucky winners of a super secret but totally cool prize !!!

This build has the following bug fixes / enhancements:

  • Web UI shows the progress for backing up, when DCIM folder is empty and data is copied outside DCIM folder with Android 5.0
  • β€œDevice does not have enough space for upgrade. (370002)” error observed while doing firmware upgrade when MPWP is FAT32 formatted
  • With multiple partitions in the HDD, the unmount button didn’t work properly
  • Unmount one of the multiple partitions, the pop up message shows the incorrect partition name
  • Connect more than 5 external USB/SD card that will let the page overlap
  • Translation missing of alert message β€œ3700021”

If your device is connected to your home network, and is already on the 1.02.20 firmware then it should automatically update. NOTE: if you have disabled the auto-update feature, then you will need to either re-enable it or initiate the update manually. If your device is on the current 1.01.11 release, then please visit the Welcome Topic to Accept and Download the BETA Firmware.

The FW will not be available for manual install, as we wish to test the auto-update feature. So, please provide feedback if your 1.02.xx MPWP does NOT auto update. Please first make sure you have Auto-Update enabled before sending us a bug report.

To verify your device will auto update, follow these instructions:

With a Mobile device and the My Cloud APP

  1. Connect your Mobile to the same network your MPWP is connected to, or, directly to the MPWP network
  2. Launch the My Cloud App on your mobile device
  3. Click the Settings Icon (3 bars)
  4. Click the Settings Gear for the MPWP
  5. Click MORE
  6. Click Firmware
  7. Ensure Automatic Update is ON

With a PC and the Web Dashboard

  1. Connect your Mobile to the same network your MPWP is connected to, or, directly to the MPWP network
  2. Open a web browser and type mypassport or mypassport/UI on the url field, and press Enter
  3. Navigate to the Firmware Tab
  4. Ensure Auto Update is ON

For setup & connection help please see these helpful Answers:

How to setup the My Passport Wireless Pro using the My Cloud mobile app - Answer ID 13975

How to set up a My Passport Wireless Pro on a Windows PC - Answer ID 14191

How to set up a My Passport Wireless Pro on Mac OSX - Answer ID 14192

How to access the Dashboard on a My Passport Wireless device - Answer ID 13879




Ok, been 3 days now and i have not seen 1.2.21 being presented. I am still running on 1.02.20. Even today if i push the β€œCheck for Update” I am told I am current.

Yes, Auto-Update is On.


OOPS!! we’ll get right on it



It’s posted now.


Thanks it came through today. No issues with the upgrade!!


I’ve been out of town and haven’t checked the forums here until this morning. The update was just pushed through at about 7 AM.


After the installation of v1.2.20, this update 1.2.21 installed fine.


Being notified but the unit is not updating itself :frowning:



This is the expected behavior. The MPWP will only update the FW after a reboot of the device. We did this to prevent the possibility of any forced update which would interrupt the user experience. You will get a notification that the update is available so you can manually trigger it.