1.01.12 update and youtube

I installed 1.01.12 update on my new WD TV live (without knowing the consequences) and having problems with youtube signin. Can I revert back to 1.01.11? And if I can, how should I do it?

I am thinking of downloading the current firmware from WDC site into a thumb drive and install from there ?

Please advise.

Some posts show that they removed the 1.01.12 update on Dec4 but when I plugged in my new WD TV Live yesterday evening (Dec 10), I was prompted for the new update and I installed it without knowing all the problems.

Please let me know if there is any way to revert back to a previous version of firmware.

If you just bought it and did an update on Dec 10th, that means you were likely updating from 1.01.10 to 1.01.11, which is the current and stable version to have.  There’s no chance you updated to 1.01.12 as it was long gone from the site.  Don’t do anything until 1.01.13 or higher comes out.

I was mistaken. I went back and looked at what firmware I had and it was 1.01.11.  Hopefully they will fix the problems with youtube in the next version.