0 Files For Backup, 0 Files Backed Up; Formatter Not Working

I have been using my My Book Essentials for a few months now and it had been working just fine. Now, however, SmartWare has stopped backing up files and, in fact, does not detect any at all on either my computer or the external hard drive. Does anyone know how I can get it working again? I’ve tried formatting it, but that didn’t work. And that leads into my second question: I tried reformatting my external hard drive using the WD Quick Formatter, and it just says the drive is being used and to close all programs. I tried closing any programs that would be using the drive, but to no avail. Do I have to close literally ALL programs, or is something going wrong?

My advice to you is to shut the computer down and disconnect / reconnect the drive after the computer loads, then try to reformat the drive again, If the drive is being recognized uninstall the software and download the latest update from the web site