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I purchased movies because I like them.  I don't want flixster/rotten tomatoes ratings.  I've set metadata to only update manually, and keep deleting the flixster information, but it keeps coming back.  Makes me want to replace my WDTV boxes with streamers that don't keep downloading stuff I don't want


PDF Reader

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by yesterday

Would be great to have a PDF read (adobe or other brand) to follow along PDF music scores when listening to music or reading PDFs of books or album notes, and so on.  This should be fairly easy and would provide a lot of value to those of us that use WD TV for reading picture captures of text.


Czech TV archives

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by yesterday - last edited yesterday

Hi WD support,


as I can see from last release notes, there is a lot of new TV services added. Is there any chance to have czech TV archives added as well? Especially and


Thank you in advance.



Status: Acknowledged

When listening to music from my media server, the WDTV only properly cues tracks when sorting by "Album", or following a playlist order.


The problem with pulling media from "Album", "Artist", and "title" is as follows,


1. Every single track you have in your database - including singles - is included in the menus, making it the difference between sorting through 13000 songs, 6000 artists, 5000 albums - (Expected behavior, but not my issue)


2. Pulling tracks from "Artist" and "Folder" from the media server follows (A-Z) sort order by song name - (Part of my problem).


To sort through my large collection I use "Playlists" and "Folders". I create an .m3u file with every rip reducing my sort to 3200 "true" albums and playlists. Playlists behave as expected, but it still is fairly long with a large collection.


If I sort by folder my search is greatly reduced, but song names within the folder are sorted alphabetically - track order is never followed even if I have all my files named either (Artist - Track number - Song name) for one featured artist, or (Track number - Artist - Song name) for compilations. It is likely an issue with how data is provided to the WDTV, but some controls in setup/music to resolve sort issues would come in very handy.

Status: Acknowledged

I updated to the latest firmware to discover playlist functionality reduced significantly.


Instead of pressing "OK" to see the list of tracks within the playlist, where I could select the track I want to hear - like before - now "OK" immediately starts play from the first track of the playlist - same behavior as pressing "play" on the playlist title. One can no longer can see the full track list, or manually cue to other select tracks without cutting out what is currently playing. It is like no one ever tests such decisions.


Couldn't you folks add these options in setup rather than remove and reduce functionality?



Status: Acknowledged

Twitch app and pc tv card app


pc tv cards stream using http or windows media streaming

so the same standard as wmp or vlc would work


A PDF and TXT viewer for the WDTVlive box would be good


atm i have to use screen shots taken from a pdf on a pc and view them as .jpg's on the WD



Status: Acknowledged

Hi There,

I am messaging in regards to the WD Remote application for the iPhone.

What the WD Remote app is missing is tactile feedback when selecting a function.

Without tactile feedback, the user is unable to tell if a function has been accessed until the machine follows through with the command.  This process can take time and the button could be pressed several times before the command is followed through, sometimes incorrectly.


Utilizing the vibrate/sound function of the iPhone could enhance the user experience for this application.

Greg Bolton

Status: Acknowledged

Nice idea to display Flixter / Rotten Tomato ratings, but I have a big problem with it when I browse my videos in List view.  The space for the RT ratings takes away room from the filename, so less of the video title is shown in the browser.  I would love for an options in Setup to turn these ratings off.  Even better would be the ability to Enable or Disable the option on a per folder basis.  Another option would be to move the ratings from the file name to the top of the display, next to the buttons for Sort and Filter, Select Source, etc.  Anyone else agree?

Status: Acknowledged

MKV 3D format

Status: Acknowledged
by a week ago

I have a number of 3D MKV files that are not in SBS/TAB format. They contain the 2D Blu-Ray stream with the 3D infromation in an MVC stream. I understand WD TV does not do 3D yet, but it would be very useful for the WD TV device to understand this format and stream only the 2D portion from a source file. That way I can keep 1 file out on the network and have it work with both my 2D and 3D devices. Media Player Classic (with CCCP libraries) seems to have this functionality as it plays my 3D mkv files back in 2D on my PC (which has no 3D monitor capabiltiies). It would be a welcome addition to WD TV, and I'm guessing would only require a driver update. Right now it reads the files somewhat roperly in that it plays tha audio and subtitles, but no video (just a black screen).

Status: Acknowledged

I ripped all my CD collection to 320HQ mp3 format but when I tried to play back my mixed (continuous music with no gaps) music albums there appears a slight pause or click between the tracks, spoiling the mix. Perhaps a better example would be a Classical piece, where the parts or movements are listed on the CD as separate sections but when you play back the CD there are no breaks, pauses or clicks between the tracks, just continuous music. If you want to jump to a particular section you select the track you want on your CD player so it jumps quickly to that choice. I know that a lot of people have overcome this gapless playback problem by ripping each CD as a single merged track, however you then lose the individual track titles and artist names (if it's a various artists club mix for example). A lot of people seem to be trying to get gapless playback yet still nobody has come up with a decent media player.


I purchased this Western Digital "WD TV" knowing it did not mention gapless playback but rather hoped that you might try to incude this, I am sure it would be a major selling point as nobody else seems to have offered the funtion.


I first purchased a Netgear EVA9500, which couldn't do gapless (I assumed that any player would play back the tracks like a CD player does) so Netgear advised me to buy their (then) new product, the NTV550, which claimed in the spec that it could do gapless playback. It almost worked but NOT as they stated in their manual / pdf user guide. (The reasons are too complex to explain here). This proves that it can actually be done and they promised they would resolve the software problems related to their user on-screen interface. Sadly they dropped the product support after keeping me waiting for over a year and simply offered a refund, which was of little help in solving the gapless playback issue.


I have been hoping that somebody would see the need for gapless playback and capture the market but to date, nobody has bothered, which is unfortunate as the smaller file size of mp3 makes it possible to store many albums in a very small space compared to the CD's making my entire music collection extremely portable on a 2Tb hard drive. Unfortunately, if I take my collection away on holiday, I cannot play back mixed dance tracks, classical or electronic albums without the horrible pause / click / jump effect between the tracks, which totally spoils the enjoyment.


I hope other people will request this function so you might consider investing in the development, however I feel sure there is a great demand for this and gapless playback would be a big selling point for the WD TV Media Player.


Thanks in advance to everyobdy for reading.

Twitch App

Status: Duplicate Idea
by a week ago - last edited a week ago by Moderator

Es wäre super wenn es eine Twitch App gäbe, mit der man sich mit seinem Acc einloggen könnte und seine Streams verfolgen könnte. :smileyhappy:


Google translation: 

It would be great if there was a Twitch app that you could log in with his Acc and could trace its streams. :smileyhappy:


Dream Media Player -


Focus on playing media.  TVs come with internet browsers, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and such.  Computers, tablets and/or cell phones are almost certainly a purchase people make before looking into a media player.  Media that people want to access on their media player are audio and video.


Finding a movie should be a BUTTON - Select File.  Up comes Enter File Number screen - enter 4 digit file prefix with remote.  Press Play.  KUHL!


Allow HDD Sleep and a temp control on the fan - silly to have things running when they are not doing anything.  If that can be done, just leave the unit on Standby until called to action.



I have 4 DVD juke units (3@400 slots and 2@300 slots Master/Slave).  They are getting old and cannot be replaced.  I had a **bleep** of a time finding a little drive belt that broke for the loader mechanism in one.  Can get BlueRay for big money but I have no interest in replacing all with BlueRay so sort of a waste for DVDs - Sony 400 disc @ $1650.  $6600 for the four units I would need and that would not work because they don't have 4 separate IR code sets so the bloody things would be tripping over each other.


With storage as cheap as it is, I can get a 4 bay external enclosure and 4 WD Green 4TB HDDs for about $750 - should be enough to hold what I have.  Gives plenty of room to provide a useful media player and still save me money.


I have been using my media player (not WD) for series stuff.  Getting to what I want to watch is ridiculous.  I use File Manager as it seems the most reasonable.  Still, it is very cumbersome.  OK, I want to watch Downton Abbey Season 3 - turn the unit on, scans disc for a very long time, click OK for the File Manager, wait until HDD and OK, wait for C: and OK, wait for Movies and OK, down scroll to PBS and OK, down scroll to Downton Abbey and OK, down scroll to Season 3 and OK, scroll to next episode and OK.  WOW, it takes almost as long to find the episode as does to watch.


My DVDs are listed in PDFs that are stored on the living room Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.  Each has a box and slot number associated.  Scroll through the list and find a movie.  Jukes are able to go to a slot number directly.  There are a few steps on the Sony (Pioneer is just Search) but a Pronto remote automates the selection.  For movie 1-123 - Turn on Box 1, Press Select Disc, enter slot number and press play - done.


The remote controls have number keys - they do nothing.  Why not use the critters for an easy way to access the movie I want?  Seems you could build a media player to handle such.

Status: Acknowledged

WDTV Live Streaming Media Player


Would it be possible for the unit to be able to have a Wired (Ethernet) connection AND WifI-Direct (Miracast) active at the same time. Only WiFi-Direct for Miracast, no other WiFi connection.


It would be ideal to be able to have a Wired (Ethernet) connection to access the inbuilt Apps as well as to be able to use a Laoptop/Tablet to stream internet video via WifI-Direct (Miracast) to the unit seperately.


The Network Menu is confusing, you can have a Wired (Ethernet) connection and the menu shows both the WiFi-Direct option as well as the Miracast option, which is what led me to believe that you can have Wired and WiFi-Direct (Miracast) both available at the same time. But I have been advised by WD Support that that is not possible, to use the WiFi-Direct (Miracast) you need to have a Wireless connection to your network.


Status: Acknowledged

WWE Network

Status: Acknowledged
by 2 weeks ago

WWE Network should be brought to wdtv live stream boxes, am sure alot of people have wdtv live that would want WWE Network service on it. And it is a popular thing all over the world.

Status: Acknowledged

A sub-forum (like the "WDTV Themes Forum")


Where information for creating USB Apps / Ideas / Examples can be discussed among users and developers, with all the information in one place (forum).


mockup example:



Status: Acknowledged

Would be great if WD TV Live SMP supported multiple XML Genre tags. Today unless I am mistaken only the 1st Genre XML tag is being used from the "movie".xml file with any subsequent entries being ignored. As a result a movie's View Info panel and the 'Filter by Genre' option only shows/considers the one Genre XML tag. Multiple 'Actor' XML tags in a "movie.xml" file are however show/considered. Multiple Genre XML tag handling would be useful as many movies when the Get Content Info is performed, return a "movie.xml" file that contains multiple XML Genre tags.

Using a partial "Shrek the Third.xml" file as an example below: Only the "Adventure" Genre tag will be used by WD today. However it will use the multiple Actor XML tag values it finds and displays them in format "Terry / Bob" on the View Info dialog. It is also possible to Search by Actor and find this movie using either "Bob" or "Terry". 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<title>Shrek the Third</title>
<overview>Shrek and Co, return for more adventures. The King of Far Far Away has died and Shrek and Fiona are to become King &amp; Queen. Shrek however wants to return to his cosy swamp and live in peace and quiet. So when he finds out their is another heir to the throne, they set of to bring him back to rule the kingdom. Meanwhile, Prince Charming enlists the fairy tale baddies to steal the throne away.</overview>
<director>Raman Hui</director>

WD - Please consider adding this support for Multiple Genre XML tag functionality.

Thanks in advance.

Status: Acknowledged

I have been looking for a device to replace my current setup, and there seems to be a market that simply isn't catered for. That is the video streaming, with high quality audio output.


People like myself, tend to run stereo audio uncompressed into a stereo DAC, and then into their amplifier/receiver. But we also run video straight through HDMI into the amp/receiver. That means that one source is going to be compromised, unless you constantly change outputs.


I think a great idea, would be to have outputs that you could assign to specific functions on the device. So if you were playing music, it could switch to the optical output to send stereo data to a connected DAC. If you were playing videos or photos, it could switch to the HDMI output. That way, the source media is being played through the device in the optimal way for that media.


Of course, switching to an optical output would cut out any video display, so it would require much better integration with a mobile app for control functions. The Popcorn Hour A-410 has tried to step things up by having a DAC built in, but nobody wants to force their 5.1 channel videos through a stereo DAC. As a result, it limits the use by being awkward to use for both high quality audio and video.


This device would be a higher-priced *premium* unit, but I think there is a real market for something that gives the user the best of both worlds, in one box. I don't see any other manufacturer offering anything even remotely similar.

Status: Acknowledged

1. Since the Remote app for iPhone has a volume control is it posible to add same function to the physical remote by using the up and down buttons since these do nothing as far i'm aware.


2. Allow to program number key with the Rescan function that you can access in Media Library mode by selecting a folder then pressing options button and the selecting Rescan. Nice to be able to do this with out accessing menus. Same would go for when Media Library share is disconnected due to NAS powering off that you can Rescan all shares without having to go to the Setup menu etc.


3. When deleting or adding a file from network location in Media Library mode it should do an automatic rescan to refresh the list of files.



Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.


Since UK users get BBC Player etc can you add the RTE player and 3Player for people in Ireland

Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.

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