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add some online storage clients, the popular ones: DropBox, google drive, and skydrive

Status: Acknowledged

Hi all,


As my WD live TV is in my bedroom, it would be great to be able to switch off completly the network card leds...will help me sleeping...


Thanks a lot for this very important feature for me (and certainly many other users !)



Status: Acknowledged

DS Video App

Status: Acknowledged
by a week ago

It would be pretty cool, if the DS Video App from Synology could be added.


This App is already avialbe for Samsung TV's, Android, iOS ...

I really like it, because


it displays

- film covers

- descripton text


sorts by

- genre

- author

- currently added

- last viewed

- actor

- year



Some Pics:






Status: Acknowledged

VPN connectivity

Status: Acknowledged
by a week ago

Add the option for setting up a VPN in the network connection for those of us who work overseas and want to connect to home..

Status: Acknowledged

Edit Names

Status: New
by 2 weeks ago

Hi! I will like if you put a way to change the name of a file, on the EDIT options.


Thank you!!

I would love to display my photo on a big screen.  Therefore, please consider support chromecast in the mobile and desktop version of WD photo.



Status: Acknowledged

Please add IMDb as Meta-Source in Meta-Source Manager 

as an alternative to  (TMDb).


And, display:

- IMDb User Ratings & Metascore

- multiple genres for movies, and

- awards the movie has received.




In details:

IMDb offers much more information than TMDb

is used by far more users, therefore the user ratings represents way more people,

offers metascore as extra,

shows the awards the movie has got, etc


Also, TMDb frequently shows wrong, or at least partial/inaccurate genres for movies,

as well as movie release dates in the parentheses.



Three examples:


Fargo (1996)


Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama ---> 1. the movie is NOT comedy, 2. WD TV Live picks only the first of them: Comedy (!!)

User Ratings: 7.1/10 (269 votes)

Awards: -


Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller

User Ratings: 8.2/10 from 312,061 users   Metascore: 85/100

Awards: Won 2 Oscars. Another 60 wins & 32 nominations  (Top 250 #151 )


American Hustle (2013)


Genre: Drama, Crime ---> and WD TV LIve picks only the first of them: Drama (!!)

User Ratings: 7.2/10 (236 votes)

Awards: -


Genre: Crime | Drama

User Ratings: 7.5/10 from 181,706 users   Metascore: 90/100

Awards: Nominated for 10 Oscars. Another 50 wins & 86 nominations.


Enemy (2013)


Enemy --> 2014  (2014-02-06 the earliest)


Enemy --> 2013

Note: 2013 is the correct date because it was first released at 8 September 2013 (Toronto International Film Festival, Canada)

Status: Acknowledged

connect to a MMS stream

Status: New
by 2 weeks ago

Have an easy way to connect to an mms stream

E.g. MMS://




Chapters - MKV

Status: Acknowledged
by 2 weeks ago

Hi, my  proposal is that it would not be possible in any way extend the ability to set the Remote control free buttons, when it is possible to select some buttons specific function, also function  "Chapters".
It's a funtion I use the most, perhaps. I have a lot of concerts (mkv) that contain chapters (tracks) and at this time choose the "chapter" means going through Options and then on the position of 6 down to "Chapters" (New FW even moved about two positions down ).
Thus, if I have this function could be selected as the "0" button on the Remote control as it is possible with many other functions, I would consider this device in my view has to be perfect.


Thank you and stay well


Status: Acknowledged

New Codec

Status: Unplanned
by 2 weeks ago
As a big anime lover of course I look daily Anime, like on the WD TV Live, but a new video codec has been introduced for better color image in the subcommunity. The Hi10p codec, the WD TV Live not happening, what I find very sad. I think it would be a good idea to supply the WD TV Live with the Hi10p codec package. I think I speak not only for myself but for any anime lover who owns a WD TV Live. For my part I would recommend this especially if it supports the Hi10p codec.
Status: Unplanned

If you choose multiply files and you reach at the limit of 100 you CAN'T choose more.


I have the wd tv live gen3 with latest firmware.

Status: Acknowledged



Is it possible to enable the use  of an external hard drive or memory stick as a storage location to buffer streaming with a firmware update? I have bandwidth issues in my area (our ISP also often shapes traffic) and being able to start a stream, pause it to allow it to buffer for a minute or three would be the difference between being able to watch HD or evend SD content sometimes.


This is assuming the buffer is not large enough, I can't find info on it's size.





Status: Acknowledged
by 3 weeks ago

Please add support for the Plex media server.

Status: Acknowledged

when trying to play a video stream from the DLNA servers (Silicondust), 50% of the time it works, the other 50 it says:

Unable to play the selected file. Please see the user manual for a list of supported file formats.

this happens with the 2.01.86 firmware ... which is the latest. The WD helpdesk tried to tell me to do a factory reset by holding the reset button for over 10 seconds with a paper clip. There is no positive action reset button and now I have an RMA to return that device. As I said, I have 3 of the WDBGHG70000NBK-12 devices and they all act the same. I posed this question to Silicondust and they said it was the WD TV Live's which are at fault. When I check the DLNA cert page at, Silicondust appears to be certified. WD doesn't appear to be certified. What is a reliable way to get the WD TV Live player functionality without the occursed :

Unable to play the selected file. Please see the user manual for a list of supported file formats. ????

Status: Acknowledged

I bought a new my book 4tb recently, only it doesn't work with the WD tv live.

I read that there is no support for HDD above 3TB...


Please add 4Tb support, now the driver are much cheaper and people will buy them.

Status: Acknowledged

Dual Audio Bitstream

Status: Acknowledged
by 4 weeks ago

Would it be possible to have the SMP output the bitstream to both the optical output and the HDMI output at the same time.  This would allow for audio to your HDTV via the HDMI cable and DD/DTS surround to your AVR via the optical (or vice versa).  The issue with the current setup is that if you connect directly to your HDTV via the HDMI connection there is no way to get 5.1 audio to an AVR at the same time without going in a changing the settings every time.  The only way it currently sends audio to both output connections is when you have the audio setting on Stereo, which eliminates surround sound. 


(The WD TV Live Gen2 and Live Plus I have have are able to do this very thing - its sends the bitstream signal to both outputs at the same time)

Status: Acknowledged

MyCloud App Media Formats .AVI files etc

Status: New
by 4 weeks ago - last edited 4 weeks ago

Dear WD,


I'm requesting an update to the MyCloud App that expands the current range of media formats that are accessible via mobile devices.  I am trying to access data from my WD EX4 Cloud that contains a wide variety of media formats. Until .MP4 videos became an industry wide acceptable format, many users created video files in other industry wide formats such as .AVI files.  When I try to access these files via the MyCloud app it appears as an unknown format. I have included a screenshot below to demonstrate how it appears. 


The WD Live Hub media player has the built in codecs to support these other formats in the units firmware.  I see no reason that the same range of formats can't be built into the MyCloud App since WD has already spent the funds to develop this into the WD Live Hub. I own several Live Hubs to allow employees to watch training videos in our training room, but I also need a solution to remotely stream or download these type of videos on my mobile devices while in the field. 


There ARE other 3rd party apps like "VLC" that allow for remote streaming options but they don't allow for easy access to my EX4 and I'd rather use the WD apps anyway.  Please WD, use the codecs from the WD Live Hub and incorporate them into an update for the MyCloud app so we can access all of our data as needed.  This can be a very easy and quick update if approved that will greatly affect the many users requesting this in multiple threads/posts.


Sales Data Entry Process.jpg


I am storing all my phothos on a network share (NFS, which should be the fastest protocol).


When I am looking at photos and I click right arrow to display the next picture, it takes 2-3 seconds for WDTV Live SMP to display the picture ! These are 2-3 MB 16Mpixels JPEGS 


Even when showing a Slideshow I can see the delay: I set the Slideshow to 3 seconds, but it actually display the next picture after 5-6 seconds.


It seems WDTV loads the picture only when user clicks "Next".


A better strategy is to prefetch the next (and also cache the previous) photo file from network in the background as soon as the current picture is displayed (and while the user looks at the current picture).


So when user click Next/Prev the new picture will be displayed instantly.


Much better user experience !


Status: Acknowledged

New Features Idea

Status: Acknowledged
by a month ago



I'm in the UK and we have BBC Iplayer but there are a lot more services such as 4od, ITV Player, etc. can any of these be added as apps, I find with BBC Iplayer and Netflix the content is a little limited. 





Status: Acknowledged

Since the device has a 'soft off' wouldn't it make sense for the media library to compile during that time?


Or maybe be able to schedule it at 3 am or whenever you want.  I'm sitting here now watching it compile instead of watching a show.  I could go into folder and manipulate it that way, but shouldn't it wait until idle time to compile?

Status: Acknowledged
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