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New Idea

Dear Mod.,


I would appreciate adding icflix channel to your channel line up .


thanks in advance, 





Status: Acknowledged



With new movie and tv steaming sites becoming available to us users in Australia eg Netflix, I was hoping to be able to use my WDTV for linking to Quickflix.  However I was unable to find any option to be able to add this option to the current list that includes many unusable items as well as the aforementioned Netflix.  I sent a message to WDTV support and was advised that the option to add more sites was not available but that I should enter a request/new idea post here.


Therefore can I request a software upgrade to delete unusable/ unwanted sites and to download / add new user specific sites please.


Until this option is available my WDTV so restricted compared to the options available now and makes it an inferior item when looking at the Smart TV's and the new Smart media players.


Hoping for a positive response


Best regards




Status: Acknowledged

'The' in Titles should be irrelevant

Status: Acknowledged
by 2 weeks ago - last edited 2 weeks ago

All movie titles that begin with the word 'The' are all grouped together in the 'T's, regardless of what word comes after 'The'. For example, "The Aviator", instead of being grouped with the 'A' titles, which is where the mind expects to find it, is listed down in the 'T's.  I think it'd be more ergonomic to provide a fix in the next firmware update that groups titles into the section we expect to find them. Please and thank-you!


EDIT: Grammar

Status: Acknowledged

i see HULU Plus is available on my WDTV Live HUB... but not the FREE Hulu?


i would love to be able to use my box to see the original HULU (free) site.

Status: Acknowledged

I would like to see a new firmware update that would increase my WDTV Live HUB's resolution to 4K.

Status: Acknowledged

m3u and hls

Status: Acknowledged
by 3 weeks ago

my device wdbhzm0000nbk-eesn not play HLS in m3u


Is it possible to play hls ? How ?


The current firmware version - 1.05.47 (3/2013)


ps. Help (


Status: Acknowledged

Fix Sorting issue

Status: Acknowledged
by a month ago

This mainly applies to those of us with TV series. When sorting by alphabetical format, a problem arises that results in episodes 2-9 coming after say..episodes 10-19. This is pretty **bleep** incovenient especially when you are trying to binge watch Seinfeld in order and you have to jump pages (which can be a slow process if you've retrieved the metadata for each episdode). Please fix this, that, or provide me a solution which I might have overlooked (I've browsed the forums for one).

Status: Acknowledged

Update H.265 for the WD-TV

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-16-2015 10:00 AM

I have converted over 100 H.265 (.mp4) Blu Ray Movies and can't play on the WD-TV. The WD 2nd level technical supoort told me that WD current not supporting the H.265 (.MP4) Format. Can WD update their firm ware and start supporting the H.265 (.mp4) This standard is the industry Standard since 2013.  





Status: Acknowledged

Idea approved for voting.


Half 3D (SBS) Subtitles

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-14-2015 06:24 AM

There should be an option to enable Side by Side subtitles, so we don't have to use file mergers to merge .mkv files and subtitles.

Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.


Support for WiDi & AirPlay function

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-13-2015 11:57 AM

For sure WDTV Live is hardware ready to support WiDi & AirPlay function, it just the matter of adding the feature & releasing it with new firmware update.

Current firmware release 2.02.32 (8/11/2014) is not supporting this feature.


It will definitely add value to this box !

Status: Acknowledged

media share

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-08-2015 11:31 AM

hi can you please give an update to support samsung galaxy tab 2 for mirroring as the tab will find the wdtv/wdtvlive box but is unable to connect so as to play media

Status: Acknowledged

Removal of support for Netflix service

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-05-2015 08:02 PM

I recently bought the WD TV on the recommendation of a friend who uses his to connect to the Netflix USA service. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that this feature has been removed from the new HD TV boxes sold outside of the USA. This makes no sense as the main reason people buy the HD TV is to connect to Netflix. The website says they removed some hardware so does that mean it can't even be re-instated with a software or firmware fix? If so, WD should add a big message to the outside of the box of every HD TV sold in Australia (and elsewhere) that "This HD TV does not support Netflix. Do not buy this device if you intend to connect to Netflix." Then you would have far less disgruntled customers.

Status: Acknowledged



Would You like to take into consideration these helpful modification: 


- Subtitle Background  semi-transparent black background bar from edge to edge of the screen on Video Playback Panel. 


Options -> Adjust Subtitles-> 


- Clock at the top - (center) on semi - transparent black background, when the Pause button is pressed (Video Playback Panel).

It is handy to see what time is it, without quest for Clock across the room. 


- Semi - transparent black background (better contrast) behind the short Story Line, when the movie is selected. 

It is hard to read the text when the slideshow is running, behind the movie description.


Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.


Need Shomi app for WDTV

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-04-2015 07:11 AM

This request is for all us Canadians.


Rogers and Shaw Cable have released their Netflix equivalent streaming service called Shomi.  It would be hella nice to have an app for this service as all new tiers of internet service on both Shaw and Rogers provide free Shomi for two years.


With a free Shomi subscription I can finally cancel my cable and go all out on streaming to my two WDTVs.

Status: Acknowledged

support for .iso files

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-02-2015 09:12 PM

Would you please consider support for playing .iso files natively?



Status: Acknowledged

After short period of use I realized that has a place for an improvement, little but useful. (Know for sure, more passive unit, much stable operation), these are my remarks. 




- Under OPTIONS Menu, or even better, next to the Music Player interface, when the track is playing, it will be useful to see a List of Files (Songs) in current Folder. It will be some type of Play List, much easier to navigate.  

          Reason: Buttons Next Track (Skip) and opposite on Remote Controler can choose track after or before, one at the time. Mostly we need to have a choice to pick a track few place beyond the current playing track.


- That leads me to the next difficult steps. NOW PLAYING icon open Music Player window, but when I am already in, the BACK button on Remote Controler brings me back to the main screen.

          Reason: It is not logical, it is confusing. HOME key has that purpose, "shovel" for everything. I must to "drive" and dig through the forest of steps to rich the Folders, where I was been before, with the music. Reasonable step would be for the BACK button - please bring me back to the list of Folders, not to the Home Screen. (I know, one Step Back after Now Playing is the Home Screen, but it is not pleasent for us - Users. 


- Bit Rate is missing for the current song under OPTIONS Menu at the top of the window, together with the Date and Size of File. 




- Play List (pls, m3u) created by WinAmp and iTunes is very helpful, but for some reason Music Playback Window won't show info about Artist, Album, Genre from the active File(s) (Track) when it is started from the Play List. It is not the case when the File(s) is started directly, related info are vissible. 




I'm glad if I can help to improve this little "beast" of unit. 


Status: Acknowledged

I bought a new WD TV WDBPUF0000NBK, very, very good piece of technology, but... I saw something is missing if I'm right. Also it has plenty of room for the light improvements on the next revisions. 

Maybe, this was post before...?




Some devices older and new, has this useful (not only for me I hope so) function on Remote Controler: When the PAUSE button is pressed, to Hold a Movie,  this ability is missing -


- MOVE Frame by Frame Back and Forward (1 sec or less) 

- SLOWMOTION back and forward 


How to: 

- PAUSE  -> FAST FORWARD (short pres - one Frame Forward, long pres and hold Slowmotion for instance) 

- PAUSE  -> FAST BACKWARD (same but in opposite direction) 


It could be assigned to Number Keys (0-9 on Remote Controler) if it has no possibilities to update ordinary controls on Remote unit. 


Please implement that for your users somehow, at first place on original Remote Controler also on the market App. 


(Modern World, too many Remote Controlers, too many problems.) :-)


So sorry that You forgot to implement these functions right from the box and the Volume Button also :-( 



Status: Acknowledged

I would like to see the ability to configure/use prior releases of WD Live software.


This means that I'd like to install 2.01.86 to replace 2.02.32.  I've experienced numerous issues with 2.02.32 which could easily be explained as "memory leaks" as I've seen posted here.  Unfortunately "upgrading" software on a WD Live appears to be a one-way trip to a dead-end.  And if a customer experiences serious problems, as I am with 2.02.32, there is no way to install ("downgrade" to) an earlier working version of the software.  2.02.32 won't allow a "downgrade" to 2.01.86, 1.16.13, or 1.15.10.  2.01.86 worked very well for me, but I can't install this earlier software in my WD Live.  So I'm now having to live with broken 2.02.32 software with no further "upgrades" scheduled, and so far a long painful wait with no end in sight.


More generally, a customer should have the ability to install and try any released version of WD Live software from the WD Live support web site [], regardless of it being older or newer than what is currently installed.  2.01.86 was stable, meets my needs, and is still running on one of my players.


WDTV as a media serever

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎02-11-2015 11:54 AM

I would like to suggest maybe expanding the capabilities of the box to include streaming service to other devices as well as playing content.

Status: Acknowledged

NOW TV on WD TV Live

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎02-09-2015 12:52 AM

Hi there,


Anybody else interested in NOW TV being added to our WD TV Live boxes.


I think it would be a great addition for people using WD TV Live in the U.K.





Status: Acknowledged

Idea submitted for voting.

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