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WD2Go for Windows RT

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎06-04-2013 06:41 AM

This has already appeared on the Community board, but with over 1 million Windows Surfaces out there and presumably more of other makes, it must be viable to produce a version of WD2Go for Windows RT.

Status: Unplanned



What would make the wd 2go and my book live a truly great personal/small business cloud storage product are the following enhancements:


1. Merge the functionality of wd photos into wd 2go. You don't need two products. 


2. Please show thumbnails for photo files.


3. Please provide "tv out"  function support in wd 2go on iPad, iPhone.  This will be fantastic to be able to stream to TV directly,


4. Provide support to play .mpg video files natively in iPad, iPhone and not to pass off to another app as in "open in" menu.  This will bring a lot of the older videos into my book live cloud store, thereby increasing demand for storage, which is good for Western Digital's business.


5. Please provide support to email link to "folders" instead of just files (dropbox style).  This will allow to be able to share whole albums. This should be done by providing link to an URL and not zipped file containers.


6. And lastly (for now), provide the same support on iPad, iPhone that exists on Android devices and wd photos on iPad, that is: expor/upload  local device content to my book live.


Thank you,



K.V. Sastry

Status: Unplanned

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-14-2014 08:28 PM



I bought the 4TB My Cloud yesterday and it works really good but we are missing a application for windows 8 and a better application for windows phone 8.


I have Windows Phones and Surfaces RT/PRO. I was expeting to use this in order to save space in those devices.


Windows Phone has a configuration to automaticaly upload photos using a application. will be nice to use this feature..





Do you have plans to develop those apps?

Should I wait for it?

Do you have a estimate how long wil take?





Status: Acknowledged

Request for WD Photo for Windows Phone

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-28-2013 03:20 PM

Just switched over from Android to Windows.  Disappointed in that WD Photo is not available.  Loyal customer (My Book Live, 2 WD TV Lives) requesting some additional support for WD apps on windows phones.  




Status: Acknowledged

TV Out and AirPlay support

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-17-2012 12:01 PM

WD 2go is a great App!! But it only plays videos on the iOS device. It does not do TV Out or support Airplay.
I want to be able to connect my iPad to the my TV via the 32pin cable with the HDMI adapter, and also use Apple TV and AirPlay to steam videos from my My Book Live Duo.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-29-2011 12:03 AM

would like to see the option to play entire albums, genres, or complete collection of music via wd 2 go as at present you can only play one track then go back into folder to select next and a similar thing happens with photos in you only get one at a time so unlike wd photos where you can flick through entire albums in wd2go you again have to go back to main folder to select another photo and i would like to see it work like wdphoto app so you can view all photos from albums in a slide mode

Status: Acknowledged

WD 2go support for WP7 / Windows Phone 7?

Status: In Review
by on ‎02-04-2012 11:35 AM

The Windows Phone 7.5 (particularly post-Mango) is becoming much more popular and is finally gaining market share. For good reasons...for once, albiet belatedly, MS has put out a quality product that rivals and sometimes even exceeds the Android and iOS competition.


I would very much appreciate a WP7 implementation for WD 2go. To do so now rather than later would be impressively forward-thinking.

Status: In Review



I really like WD's My Book Live, have 2 and will buy more when it works well enough. The new app is really faster than the previous method of connecting, but lost a lot compared to the use of Finder.


I cannot copy files, dragging and dropping between folders - I cannot have two folders visible. I cannot search or filter. I cannot see images without opening or do a quick view.


It's an app. Albeit shiny.


So this is what I need to finally leave the NSA, sorry, Dropbox, SugarSunc and Google Drive:

1. Use Finder, like Dropbox does - could be a local folder sync:ed to the WD drive, if only performance is ok, could be a folder to the drive - could be both for different uses (such as using files offline, just like Dropbox);

2. Add search - I have all of my past business life on these drives but it is not easy (to say impossible) to search within them. Soadd indexing to the drive OS and either make it possible to search with Spotlight or add a tool to search from Finder.

3. Be able to share a folder with outside parties (nice to have, but I can keep using Dropbox for this);

4. And if you really want to integrate with dropbox, make the integration between the drive and Dropbox, not at the app level.

Status: Acknowledged
Idea approved for voting.

Having paid for Smartware Pro for use with an external backup drive, I was hoping it would prove a better backup solution than either the free copy of Smartware that came with the drive or Windows File History (Win.7 and 8).  In fact, I have been disappointed because of the inability of Smartware (in either version) to remove unwanted files that have been deleted from the PC  - as has been noted by many posters in these forums (I know you could do so manually but life is too short for that).  In turn this means that your backup drive gradually fills up until the only way forward is to delete the entire backup and start over (or re-format).

This is NOT a safe way of operating as you will have no backup at all during the start-over process unless you have a second backup drive going as well, which would require using separate backup software as Smartware would not keep two backups going.  This behaviour of Smartware occurs even if the Settings > File History tab is set to keep only 1 copy.


I suggest that Smartware Pro should include a facility to purge deleted, files. This is surely a fairly basic requirement for any backup software?


My question, then, is really one for WD; are there any plans to add this purging facility to Smartware Pro?  So many of your customers would welcome it. 


By the way, I have heard about WD Anywhere Backup having just this purging facility but, as a cloud-based system this is not open to me; I have over 300GB of data, you can imagine the upload time that would be required at current data rates (several weeks of continuous uploading!).


My own solution has been to have a second external drive and use Windows File History for that one even though there have been reliability issues with this software.


Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-01-2012 02:36 PM

I would like to request that WD consider adding HBO Go to the WDTV Plus device. It seems to be a mature platform that likely a good percentage of WDTV Plus users would appreciate. It seems like the interface is similar to the Netfix app., and could make this a more useful product. I hope that WD has the ability to this and will give it serious consideration. 

Status: Acknowledged

I understand the intent of SmartWare to assist the average user in backing up critical files on their computer.  However, for the experienced/professional user they should be able to delete the Smartware from the drive and recover the lost diskspace and disable the VCD in the firmware.  We resell thes drives and expected to have the advertised storage space on the drives.  The expectation was to connect the drive to any computer which would recognise it as a standard storage device.  We have already had several clients return the drives and this is creating an issue.

Status: Implemented

WD Remote Update to Update View

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-09-2012 03:16 AM

Hi I'm using the WD Remote app on my iphone and its handy having it. The functionality that would improve it greatly would be to be able to browse the WD TV Live on the phone, this wouldn't have to be the same view as on the TV, even a folder structure would be great. Although if you could have the same view this would make a **bleep** of a product.

Friends have expressed interest in the device but one limitation is that you cannot browse the music for example with the TV off. I like using this for movies etc, but being able to have the TV off and control everything from a smartphone would be great, at the moment to play music I want to stream from another room to my stereo, I have to turn the tv on and get it going.. and either leave the tv on.. or turn it on again each time I want to make a change.


Status: Acknowledged

WD Photos App Private Folder Access...

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎06-25-2012 12:22 PM
Ok, after purchasing my new 'my book live' network drive i have just downloaded the WD photos app only to discover that it will only display photos that are in the shared folder. I would like to see a way for the app to show photos in my private folder.   I would like to see this feature implimented in a future update of the app. I am pretty sure other users would like this feature also.    
Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-16-2014 02:43 AM

the  media streaming provider Plex has a great potential to make the wd my cloud even better. the possibillity to play my most demanding hd movies or anything else anywhere on any device, but mainly movies. i´m sure your know that plex needs a media server in the form of a pc or a nas, if you then press nas when you are setting up your plex server alot of nas manufacturers appear, but saddly not WD. the great thing about plex for me atleast is that it will stream my media with a smaller bitrate if im streaming to my phone for exampel, and plex will play any codec in any container and the plex app is anywhere smart tv´s, phones, pc´s........

this whould make my wd my cloud even better, please contact plex to see if this is a possibillity


best regards

jacob holm


the happy owner of a 4tb wd my cloud:smileyhappy:

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Implemented
by on ‎08-25-2010 08:32 AM

I would like to be able to access files from my Android mobile device. My Android browser does not use Java's .class files; rather, it recognizes .dex files. Any development in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Status: Implemented
We've released WD2go. It's iPhone and Android based.

jpeg is only one of many file formats for photos. WD PHOTOS is terribly limited by handling only jpeg. please add support for tiff and the other popular photo file formats.

Status: Acknowledged

Google Drive Sync

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-21-2014 01:03 AM



This was originally p[osted here:


I use Google drive (because Andriod and Google seems to go well together) and I sync all files with that between my PC's "Google Drive" and the Cloud storage. All photos are updated straight to my Google drive and it works well. But, I also have a WD Network drive (live), This also has all my files so that other family member can access then when at home. 


Is there a way to Sync the WD NAS automatically with Google Drive without having to use a third party package (AllwaySync). 


Thanks Dan. 


Status: Acknowledged

I think that WD and its customers would benefit from a Unified automatic diagnostics tool running in the background and constantly checking and reporting back to the user the status of the drives in real time. Take an anti-virus as an example as it keeps scanning the computer and pops-up an alert if a threat is found.


Why? Because not everyone has the time, basic knowledge and software required to test a drive for errors, faults and overall health. Since you (WD) deal with a considerable amount of Customers that are not computer literate and don't know how to backup their files, it's best to note that such a tool would Decrease the volume of people who lose data because of not knowing or having an idea of overall drive health. If they are warned in time, then they could take the data out if they don't have a backup.


Additionally, having separate tools that are drive-specific does not help us customers. DLG does not work with most Smartware drives and when Smartware doesn't want to work then the customer is forced to look for other software since there are no more options from WD. Also, most casual consumers (You know it's a high number, just look here on the forums) would  not know how to run the test on their own, that's why it has be automatic and unified for internal and external drives. Make it a default tool, it could be useful for your Tech Support agents as well if it's accurate.


And lastly, the tool needs be user friendly while being able to provide support on its own. It needs to be able to identify and Differentiate between hardware problems and logical (firmware) problems to give the user an idea of what's wrong with the drive. For example, some times the drive's partition does not mount in Windows, not even on disk management and can't be used at all, yet, the drive tends to be listed on -device manager- on Windows when this happens. Letting the user know why this is happening (Or if could have been prevented) will prevent a lot of headaches in the future.


And lastly, the tool needs to translate the testing attributes in a way that even no-brainer would understand. Showing what are the test parameters and giving an "Estimated usable life expectancy" based on the tests that it's always checking and telling the user.


It doesn't have to be a new software, you could just improve DLG to add these features and of course, avoid the same software bloat problem that Smartware has. I understand that a software that runs in the background takes resources out, by my anti-virus NEVER peaks above 10% of CPU usage, so there's no excuse for bloating here... Specially since this software won't be copying files.


A big lot of consumers take your slogan "Put your life on it" quite literally, why not helping them keep their lives safe? What do you think?

Status: Acknowledged

WD2GO for Windows Phone 8

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎11-27-2012 12:54 PM

I am an iPhone/iPad user and the My Book LIve has worked very well. Nothing is perfect but it has been very functional for me. The WD2GO and WD photos apps work well. Especially the beautiful SlideShow.  However, Windows Phone 8 is still suffering with the old WD2GO app. Please update the WD2GO app for Windows Phone 8 and the new Windows 8 tablets. It needs to have full file operations available, including downloads and an open in function, access to SkyDrive and please leave and enhance the the current slideshow capability. Although the two WD2GO and WDphotos apps are awesome It is very nice having one app that does it all. Oh yes, and please Change the horrible brown colors of the app as well. The iOS apps are beautiful and Windows 8 deserves the same from you. One more thing. Maybe you would also then consider porting this app to the Windows 8 operating system for PC's as well. That would be a great app to have and it would allow the same Slideshow capabilities as well. Thanks for the good work! Keep It Up!   

Status: Unplanned
See heading, please include this in next update, the app is unusable as is,,, wdphotos and wd mycloud.
Status: Acknowledged
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