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The process named "convert" in WD My Cloud EX4 causes severe performance and availability problems as well as unnecessary wear of hard drives. After putting many files into the EX4 unit, the convert process begins to consume CPU 100% and cause many unnecessary I/O activities on the hard drives until the owner reboots the unit.


(Update: Firmware 1.02.36 cut CPU consumption down to 40%.)

These severe symptoms have been experienced by many in the community:

Like many others, I expect EX4 to be a 24x7 reliable storage system with good consistent performance. I do not need media streaming and cloud capabilities. I do not want to waste system resources to have my files analyzed to be classified whether they are videos or photos. I'd be more than happy if EX4 reported 100% of my files classified as "Other" without looking at any of them.


Jumpman has made a good point on wdmcserver and thumbnail generation. If you agree, please also vote at

I would like WD to provide the owners of My Cloud EX4/EX2 with the Dashboard options to disable the "convert," "wdmcserver," "wdphotodbmerger," and other processes that generate metadata, thumbnails, and hidden folders so that they will never run again on a future firmware update.

Status: Implemented

Delete Public Share Folder or Restrict Access

Status: In Review
by ‎03-19-2014 10:04 PM - edited ‎04-13-2014 04:36 PM

Having the Public share in WD My Cloud EX4 is a major security flaw. It allows anyone including hackers and criminals in the network to put child pornography into the product. This not only exposes the owner to substantial legal liability, but also causes severe harm to the community. Please regard it as a public safety issue of the product.


I would like WD to give the owners of My Cloud EX4 the ability to delete the default Public share or restrict the access to it on the next firmware update.

Status: In Review

After attaching a WD MyBook drive via USB3 port to the EX2, I realized the whole drive becomes a share and that too a public share, allowing all my users coming in from outside to delete stuff there.


1. I would like to create shares from specific root directory folders on the USB drive and not the whole USB drive to become a share.


2. More importantly, I would like to configure permissions on this share from the attached USB drive. I have friends coming in from outside and I would like to be able to configure who has what access on this share. Without at least this level of permissions, this USB facility on the EX2 is really not secure for most users.


3. Finally, I would like to be able to turn ftp ON or OFF on this USB share - just like the shares on EX2 where I can turn ftp ON/OFF individually on the shares. For example, I chose to turn ftp off for the Public share but kept ftp ON my other EX2 shares, and would like to do the same to the USB attached drive share.


FYI - I am using a Windows formatted USB (My Book) drive for the USB share.

Status: Unplanned
Thanks for the suggestion. We have already added permission settings to this. There is no plan to change the share method by individual folder in a USB drive.

Please include the ability to make USB shares private.  Currently, USB shares are public and open to everyone.  The NAS is unusable as a shared device unless all users are assumed to have full read/write access to the data on the USB device.  Apparently, previous versions/generations of WD NAS did not overlook this critical feature.  This missing feature seems to be a glaring omission in the EX4.

Status: In Review

Power Schedule

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-28-2014 06:04 AM

I would like to have power off between 1:00 am and 6:00 am.  The UI has that it must be power off starting at midnight or earlier. 


Please update the UI to do this allow power off starting after midnight. 

Status: Acknowledged

More flexibility in share visibility.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-09-2014 10:40 PM


I use my WDEX4 as a media server, and also as a backup server.  


When I connect to it using a WDTV, it annoying lists all the shares.   I'd like to hide various shares from the WDTV.   For example, Public, Backups, Recycle-Bin, etc...  


I know Samba can handle this.   Perhaps an advanced share config page giving access to the allow/deny capability?



-- Ian Davis


Status: Acknowledged

The process named "convert" in WD My Cloud EX2 causes severe performance and availability problems as well as unnecessary wear of hard drives. After putting many files into the EX2 unit, the convert process begins to consume CPU 100% and cause many unnecessary I/O activities on the hard drives until the owner reboots the unit.

Please implement solution to this also for EX2 My Cloud Device!

Link to Original Issue (but for EX4):

Status: Acknowledged

Entire NAS system backup/schedule

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-03-2014 07:48 AM

I had recently submitted an idea to be able to backup the entire EX4 on a schedule, instead of setting up each individual folder, and then manually kicking off the backup.  The idea was rejected by WDC, stating they would not support that feature on the EX series.  I hope that was a mistake - really you won't support the function to backup the entire device on a schedule?  If that is the case I will have no use for this device, and will need to purchase a different unit.  Please WDC, make this happen.



Status: Acknowledged

MyCloud EX4 Backup Setup - Entire EX4 NAS in one job.

Status: Unplanned
by ‎01-11-2014 07:38 AM - edited ‎01-11-2014 07:43 AM

I would like to have the ability to backup my enitre EX4 to an external USB drive.  I know the feature is already in the unit, but you have to schedule one folder at a time, so it would be nice to schedule the whole unit, and then only have it backup the files that have changed, and not the whole unit. It could be kept in one folder on the USB drive, instead of creating individual folders with dates and times. Also would like to see the ability to remove permissions from the USB backup share so that you can restrict who sees all the data from the EX4. 

Status: Unplanned
There is no plan to support the Safepoint feature in the EX series of My Cloud.

Allow long password and special character

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-23-2014 02:54 AM


On MyCloud EX2, password should be less than 16 characters and doesn't allow "space character".

It should be more larger in password choice (it's the case for MyCloud EX1).



Status: Acknowledged

EX2 : USB save doesn't work

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-23-2014 03:09 AM



On my EX2 I try to use the save setting to USB directly connect on EX2's USB port.

If I change a file name, on the USB, I'll have the file with the old name AND a second file with the new name.


There should be two choice for save setting : sync mode (miror) / copy mode.



Status: Acknowledged

It strike me that the very popular and free "" DDNS is not availble in the choice menu. PLease add it. Very minor work.

Status: Acknowledged
Idea submitted for voting.

I'm using My Cloud drive and I've created a public media share that I'm using to store music, pictures, and videos.  I need this to be public so various devices (TV, xbox, etc) can access it but that means that anyone on my network (friends, family) could accidentally delete everything in that share.  I'd like to set guest access as read only on that share to prevent that.


It seems like it would be fairly easy to add a guest read only flag to the dashboard GUI since I believe this maps directly to the samba config keyword "read only = yes" (or writeable = no) which is already part of the /etc/samba/overall_share file.
  I tried setting this option (via ssh) and it does work (it makes it read only), however the valid login list (write list field) is being ignored for some reason so if I set read only to yes, then I can't write to the share even though I connect to it as a user in the writeable list.  Not sure why that's the case...

Status: Acknowledged

My net N900 FTP WAN

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎09-30-2013 12:42 AM

Make FTP through WAN possible.

(Who needs FTP only in the LAN network?)


Also the FTP  password configuration is not extensive enough.

Maybe more password/login possibilities...


If STATIC ARP (for WOL through WAN) and  FTP (WAN)   would be implemented this router would be complete! 


Status: Unplanned

WOL through wan is not possible when the PC is powered down.

Even though you can set a static DHCP address.


Solution is make forward possible to the *.*.*.255 adres or implement static arp entry.

Maybe also through static DHCP (if changed in the firmware) would also be a solution.




Janramon Staal 

Status: Acknowledged
Idea revised and approved for voting.

controles parentales del My Net N900 [My Net N900 parental controls]

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-24-2013 01:32 AM - last edited on ‎10-03-2013 12:03 PM by Moderator

Buenos dias

La consulta es referente a los controles parentales del My Net N900. Son muy pero que muy limitados respecto a otros fabricantes (Linksys, apple)
En el apartado tiempo de los controles parentales, WD tiene previsto poner por dias de la semana, fines de semana, etc??
Ejemplo. Quiero poder controlar el tiempo de conexion de una ipad de un niño. Que de lunes a viernes se pueda conectar de 5 a 7 PM, y los fines de semana a todas horas.
Esto ahora no es posible. Otros fabricante si. Es un buen router, pero faltan estos detalles importantes
muchas gracias
[Translation - Trancer]
Good morning
My inquiry is on regards to parental controls on the My Net N900. They are quite limited on regards to other manufacturers (Linksys, Apple)
In the time field for parantel controls, does WD plan on including weekdays, weekends, etc??
Example. I want to be able to control the connection time for a child's iPad. Like being able to connect Monday to Friday from 5 to 7 PM, and weekends at any time.
This is currently not possible. Other manufacturers allow it. It's a good router, but these important details are missing
Thank you very much
Status: Acknowledged
Idea aceptada para votación [Idea approved for voting].


Please add a way to restrict the scope of content scanning or/and a switch button in the media settings tab to disable content scanning so that we can get asleep without being disturbed after a terabyte backup, and the drive doesnt catch fire in a hot summer night after we finally manage to sleep :smileyhappy:


Thanks in advance !

Status: Acknowledged

WD My Live Book: Set maximum share size(s).

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎04-14-2013 03:16 AM

I think that almost everyone would like to be able to set the maximum size for each share, here are a few examples...


1. Parents want unlimited share size(s), but for each of their kids they wish to limit the share size for each of them so that it doesn't get spammed with stuff that doesn't need to be there. I know a few parents would be very happy if their children's homework etc was stored on the HD rather than just their computer as a back up.


2. Freaks like me will want to set specific share sizes just to allow us to keep things organized and up together.


3. A lot of people have Macs and currently the timemachine will use up the entire drive, it is one heck of a hogger. Since Apple have yet to fix this, and may never do...this may be great for users so they can set a limit on their timemachine share.


I can think of loads of reasons why this would be a great feature, and to be honest it is the only feature (or rather lack of)  which is preventing me from buying myself one; though I know a lot of people who already own one or more of these, and therefore I am very interested in at least one for myself.


PS: It may be an idea to also allow some shared "No Limit", thus can use whatever free/usable space is remaining, but those with limits can only use up to the limit(s) set.


PPS: Might also be worth concidering whether or not to have share limits per user as well as per share. This could be a max limit for a user regardless of which shared they are using, or it could be a max limit for them within a specific share.


I think at the end of the day, I could be happy to create a share for each person and set a limit on those shares, leaving mine with 'No Limit'.


Many thanks,



Status: Unplanned

Auto turn off

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-13-2013 12:38 AM

Add an option to automatically turn off the harddrive if it does not have a valid ip for more than a certain time (when the yellow led blinks).

I usually turn off the router at night and I would like to turn off the hard drive as well. Since there is no power button I should enter the webpage, login, and find the turn off button.

Status: Acknowledged
Idea approved and submitted for voting.

I have a great idea...


1. Make the N900 stable and run for more than 2-3 days under light usage / 10 minutes under heavy usage

2. Allow full functionality as stated in website (functionality that last more than #1)

3. Fix the AP mode

4. Fix the firmware so every time when logging into the management console I do not see notices about registering my device, my upload speed being detected, and also the guest wireless being setup after I have clicked ignore for the 1000th time or registered for the 100th time

5. Make the fan actually work to cool the device instead sitting there looking pretty while never spinning.  Seeing how heat is an issue and my router loves to be cooled with an external fan, others have proved the same thing.  Mental note, heat rises.

6. Fix the USB ports to actually transmit close to a USB 2.0 speed, even though it is blue in color appearing to be a USB 3.0, which it is not.  My speeds are not even USB 1.0 fast

7. Fix the CPU section so I can actually upload a file to the EXT USB HDD larger than 1GB without locking up the CPU/chipset/whatever

8.  Maybe post a firmware how to guide so the rest of the world could have a chance to actually fix it.  Posting the code by itself is pretty good, but without some insight it is probably useless.  There are serious nerds out here in the real world that could help, if you let us.

9. Listen to the community.  I mean we are the customers after all.  Without us, you wouldn't exist nor would your products.  I have been so pleased with my N900 that I removed from my system, purchased your competitors product, and vow to fix my useless router that I do not even use by annoying WD to death with these comments, RMA's and trouble tickets as I am still under warranty.  WD makes other great products, their routers not so much.

10. Fix the deployment of SMB to be standard, and current.  Most people who attempt to use it fail due to WD's deployment of it.

11. Maybe allow the FTP function to exist on the WAN side.  With DLNA and SMB, FTP is pretty silly in the LAN.  It would be a benefit on the WAN side.  I know this doesn't work due to spending 2 days trying to make it work.

Status: Acknowledged
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