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Wd Black Wd4001faex 4tb só reconhece 2TB!!!

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by on ‎08-28-2014 11:46 AM

Tenho um Wd Black Wd4001faex 4tb mais so e reconhecido pelo sistema 2 TB e o Hd so e usado para armazenamento de arquivos em meu PC mais não estou conseguindo alocar o restante do Hd que não consigo criar novo disco!!!



a standalone (non-raid) drive for desktop computer, that:

1. is meant to run 24/7 (excludes ALL your current desktop drives (blue, green and black drives))

2. has 10+ years warranty at 24/7 online. (excludes all your current offerings)

3. is huge 6TB+


optional, but also nice to have:

4. is quiet and cool and does not vibrate at all.... why would anyone put some vibrating and loud drive to their desktop? ideally everyone would use SSD, if they weren't so small and expensive. Also as I imagine, cooler and less vibrating drives should have naturally longer lifespans.

5. is affordable (Red price level would be nice)


What I am asking for is a storage drive, that lasts forever. I buy one... and need to buy next one when it's full, not because previous one died horribly to crash or started having bad sectors.


ATM using WD Red, although it's designed and otimized for NAS, not desktop. But it's the closest thing in your lineup right now after Red Pro.

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Faster HDD

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by on ‎08-11-2014 01:48 PM

If 2 cylinder blocks use in a drive. User reach to 2 discs speed. Like RAID 0

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Server HDD

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by on ‎08-01-2014 03:18 AM

We have HP Proliant 350p G8 server. Willing to enhance HDD. Can WD6001BKHG support the same? We would also like to know that if we purchase this HDD will the HDD comes with the fitment according to the server. 

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I would like to see the lastest (or minimum recommended) firmeware version for every drive listed somewhere.



I bought severel Red 6TB drives. There was a problem with excessive head parking in early versions of this drive. As the new drives are built into an NAS there is no possibility to use the firmwareupgrade program without dismounting the drives. As the firmware data is easely available using smart data readout it would be convinient to compare the firmware version on the drives with the actual corrected firmware revision.


I openend a case to let the FW version check. But this is timeconsuming on both sides. So a list of safe firmware versions available on the internet webside would be time saving.



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through trail and error found out how to use a black2 drive on a mac OS and windows server.


all you need is a windows 8 or 7 computer.

hook the black2 up through sata connection

install the black2 software 

once the 1tb partition is active you can then unhook it from the sata connect and plug the drive into another computer/OS and it will see both partitions the 120gb and the 1tb.

the other OS like mac or windows server do not need the software installed. cause we all know its not supported.

all the software does is activat the 1tb partition.


so WD, why not just have both partition active from the factory?

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This drive WD Blue 1TB WD10JPVX with Firmware Revision: 01.01A01

required new firmware to fix hard disk drive spinup and spindown which addresses drive noise and intermittent freezing/stuttering.

Spinup and spindown like crazy every few seconds, and freeze all apps before spinup.

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The last 1.8" HDD i saw was 320GB. Maybe they can be marketed toward  tablets/smartphones. I wouldn't mind having 320GB of storage on my iPAD or Android tablet with the snappy speed of an SSD. SSDs are fast, but they are expensive and drive the cost of tablets high and limit the capacity of these devices forcing users to switch to cloud solutions. Then the use of the cloud becomes another bottle neck when the users internet is slow or limited which totatally defeats the purpose of using fast SSDs on tablets and smartphones.




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Black2 as industrial item?

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by Staff on ‎05-27-2014 08:59 AM



I have an idea to do a Black2 as an industrial item. We have customer up in the Nordic that have alot of automotive drive switching to SSD  but SSD is not enough. Why not use a Black2 where you do the SSD part working as long its to cold or to much vibration and as soon as they enviromental conditions is good enough it can start moving data from SSD to HDD to get enough space on SSD?


Best regards



Currently using a RAID controller to create a Striped RAID volume (RAID 0) on two seperate Harddrives is the only way to get SSD like speeds and still benefit from large capacity storage. However, at minimum this requires atleast two Harddrives, two SATA cables, and two seperate SATA ports on the PC motherboard. The benefit of doing this is the native speed of the drives is multiplied by the amount of drives striped in RAID 0 volume.


With the new SATA Express interface technology currently being implemented on the newer Intel 9-Series Platforms, PCI express is able to interface with storage devices to achieve up to 10Gbps bandwidth on a single SATA express port. The current WD HDDs will not be able to fully take advantage of this technology without the use of an onboard SSD which is usually a fraction of the HDD capacity.


Instead of using large platters to make the current 3.5" SATA HDDs, why not use multiple 2.5" HDDs (or the parts) and insert these inside of a 3.5" HDD form factor casing? Doing this means that RAID technology may be used in an internal HDD to stripe the multiple platters/heads/HDDs. Have an internal SATA express/RAID controller and then Add an 8GB/16GB SSD for disaster recovery and BSODs.


Eventually maybe striped RAID + Redundancy can be applied to this concept for higher reliability.


This concept would probably be closest to bringing HDDs to max SATA express speed  (10Gbps) without using highspeed SSDs.

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Desktop Black 2

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by on ‎05-03-2014 12:47 AM

When is WD going to release a 3.5" version of the black 2, with 7200 rpm.?

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As the title says. For people like me losing the right fw to an WD2500BEVT i have lost the fw now cant get it working.

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IBM Server aka cisco mcs 7800 series

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by on ‎03-24-2014 07:23 AM

I have a 2011 Cisco MCS 7816 but I know that it's orgianlly a ibm system x3250 4251. So the problem is that I bought two 250 GB Enterprise class HD's product number WD2503ABYZ , when I when I go into the bios it will not see the hard drives at all, have you guys encountered this problem before and how did you resove it?

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It woulde be nice, if you can support the Windows Server (especially the Essentials Edition) in the Install program (Setup) for the Black2 Dual Drive.


Windows Server 2012R2 is based on the same kernel as Windows 8.1 is. So therefor the drivers should be already there, but unfortentatly the Installprogram cancels the installation at the moment with Error Code 52 (unsupported Windows version).


This drive is in my opinion perfect for a small, economic homeserver (with Server 2012R2 Essentials), so please add support for Windows Server to the WDBlack2 setup program).


Thank you already!

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Running out of room on Endeavor SSD

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by on ‎02-13-2014 12:34 PM

I have found that my 120GB SSD portion of the Endeavor drive is filling up fast and quite by accident I found a WD video dealing with this matter and it gives step by step instructions on how to solve the problem.    Here is the link to the videos.

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New Internal Hard Drive Packaging

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by on ‎01-11-2014 10:51 PM

I propose WD does NOT package its "green" drives in a new package that gives no hint whatsoever that it is a "green" drive.  Wait - too late - you did it.  So, as I look at the new labeling on the packaging which basically falls into a "good, better, best" format, I figure perhaps its new technology?  Maybe?  So, what the heck, I bought a new 2GB internal drive.  Oops - when I got home and opened it... hey, look, its a "green" drive.


I returned it, and purchased a more expensive drive from another company.


Quite honestly, I would have purchased your more expensive drive if you would have simply indicated on the packaging that "good" = "green."  But you didn't.  Hey, its no big deal.  All I'm saying is that sticking a green drive in a new package and not indicating that it is a green drive is a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD idea.


Don't blow smoke in my face and I won't spit on your shoes.

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1½ or 2TB 2½" WD blue HD

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by on ‎01-10-2014 05:23 AM

When will you make them bigger than 1TB?

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Western Digital Black for Steam Machine

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by on ‎01-03-2014 04:25 AM



the Steam Machine prototype has a Seagate 1 TB storage/8 GB SSD cache hdd.

I would be happy to have a Western Digital Black hdd with increased SSD cache hdd.








I would be happy if there will be an upgrade option for the Steam Machine or PS4 with the WD Black. 

The drive should be pre formatted and installed for the specific console.

The PS4 and Steam Machine are easy to upgrade especially for hdds.





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[ copy of my suggestion submitted today to Western Digital Service and Support ]



Allow me to suggest that WD prepare a longer YouTube video
which explains what must be done to format all 3TB+ WD HDDs
i.e. that are larger than 2TB.

Lots of questions have arisen at various User Forums on the Internet,
and the answers being provided are not always accurate, or correct.

Matters that need to be addressed with a reliable WD video

include but are not limited to:

(1)  the major differences between MBR and GPT partitions;

(2)  whether booting is possible with 3TB+ HDDs under various scenarios;

(3)  whether VSS (variable sector sizes) will allow a MBR partition to address 3TB+;

does a VSS larger than 512 bytes render a partition UNbootable;

(4)  what are the functions and limitations that exist with HBA's supplied by WD

e.g. Highpoint Rocket 620;

(5)  an ASRock program called 3TB+Unlocker is making the rounds,
but I have not been able to find any documentation written by ASRock;

perhaps WD could author its own software to help a Windows user
decide which course of action to take e.g.:

(a)  use GPT on a second HDD and continue booting from a MBR partition;
(b)  start with GPT when installing Windows using UEFI technology;
(c)  purchase a third-party x1 PCIe RAID controller like the Highpoint RocketRAID 620;
(d)  experiment with sector sizes larger than 512, and know what to expect;
(e)  what to do when the User still runs Windows XP

(6)  does Acronis True Image Western Digital Edition work with 3TB+ HDDs
and under what conditions will it not work e.g. 4K sectors;

(7)  and, your engineers will probably encounter other permutations
that should be addressed in a reliable video presentation.

At the end of a more accurate video, WD could also cite the URL
to a longer White Paper which explores the most common
permutations, with screen shot examples, using WD's most popular
3TB+ HDDs.

As it is, the video I brought to your attention is a little embarrassing
because it did NOT end up formatting the entire 3TB, but defaulted
to less than 2TB after formatting.

That error was also noticed and mentioned in one of the Comments

posted at YouTube.



Thanks, WDC!

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