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1TB My Passport Essential not being recognised by WD TV Mini?

I recently bought a 1TB My Passport Essential and put all my moives, music etc on it.


When I go to plug it in to the WD TV Mini it's not connecting, just saying "please connect USB device". The weird thing is when I lock the Hard Drive it then connects, the little light on the TV Mini comes on but I can't get my files.


I'm stumped as to what to do next as I'm new to this whole malarky. Tried googling it but it seems to be so specific that google throws up nothing


Any suggestions?



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Re: 1TB My Passport Essential not being recognised by WD TV Mini?

Hi there, I guess you'll have more luck on the WDTV Mini board, but still, what model number is your passport? Only the old essential SE (The one that's only USB 2.0) will work whike the new one (USB 3.0) may not, you can check the list of drives for the WDTV Mini. 

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