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Re: WD TV connecting wirelessly but not wired

ranger6805 wrote:

I am having the same problem.  I made a post last week but never got any answers.  I tried inputting all the same numbers as the wireless settings but still doesn't work.  Hope someone can figure this out.  I am not using any network shares or anything.  Just connecting to the WMP on my computer.  It did work at one point but that has been a while back.

Well that is not a good idea if your wireless is still enabled then you can create an address conflict.  How many devices do you have? 5? 10? If you dont know what the IPs are for all you devices the just open a command prompt in windows and use "ping" to find an available IP.  While you have a command prompt you might also do an "ipconfig /all" make sure of the gateway and DNS server IPs.

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Re: WD TV connecting wirelessly but not wired

This is my setup i too have a netgear router dgn2200 on win 7 i use wired config that is ethernet attached to back of wdtv smp and connected to the router.and another ethernet cord mines 5 metres long from router to ethernet port on my laptop.i check the network folder in my windows tab on my laptop i check to see if wdtv is in the folder under computer and media devices there are two references to my media player in the network folder, if you cannot see the devices in that folder then you are not getting any network connection from the wdtv smp.

Try this go to network settings in wdtv smp then 1st option then wired then automatic then when all is done check network folder and see if the wdtv has been recognised this setup works for me anyways hope this helps



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