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Playing music from IPOD connecting it to WD

Hi, I am new user and i like to know is it possible to connect ipod to WD Tv Live HUB and play the music?

If yes, please let me know the steps.


Thanks in advance

Naveen C


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Re: Playing music from IPOD connecting it to WD

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Unless the HUB is different than other models, there is no way to put an audio input directly into the WDTVs.  There are better ways to play your music from an iPod or iTunes.


To play music from your iPod there are connector wires made for doing so into your music system amp/receiver or even TV.


With the HUB (or other WDTVs), you can access the iTunes music folder on the PC and stream them from there with the HUB to TV.  Or, you can copy the iTunes music files, all or some, to the HUB's hard drive for playing.  Or, do it either way, separately.


Locate the complete user manual in the WS Support for you model WDTV for all the how-to's.

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Re: Playing music from IPOD connecting it to WD

You can plug the Ipod into the WDTV SMP directly (with an Apple connector).

..Shows up as a local USB drive.

See page 84 of the WDTV SMP manual for details..

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Re: Playing music from IPOD connecting it to WD

The user manual, page 55, says that you simply "plug the iPod into the media player using the USB port and navigate through the interface menu".  I have not been able to initiate the interface menu when the iPod is plugged in.  There is also a note about the iPod Touch not being a mass storage device and is therefore not supported...I have an iPod touch does this mean music files from the iPod will not play?

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