WDTV Live Lip Sync Problems

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by on ‎04-05-2012 02:00 AM
- Which firmware? 1.07.15 and new Firmware 1.07.18
- What happened? During playback, audio is passed to an external receiver (Sony STR-DN1000) the audio is out of sync completely. An audio delay does not solve the problem at all and more importantly, it is very inconvenient cos you have to do it for each file at a time. The same also files played fine through my blu ray player (Philips BDP5200 with media player option). The amplifier is connected via HDMI, and the audio is streamed via HDMI. Any other devices connected to the same amplifier through HDMI ( DVD player, Blu-ray Player, Sat receiver) exhibit no sync problems.
- What were you doing? Playing video files from a hard drive attached via USB to WDTV Live - Files are mostly MKV, MP4.
- Does this happen every time? Yes.
- What hardware and media were you using? WDTV Live Streaming, Sony STR-DN1000, HDMI cable, External USB 2tb hard drive, an assortment of MKV and MP4.
- Did this happen with previous firmware? Yes, I rolled back to the previous firmware with the same issue.
- Does power cycling the unit solve this? No.
- Does resetting to factory defaults solve this? No.
- Have you tried this on other devices? Files play perfectly  and in sync  when played on Blu Ray Players, PC with various media players etc.
Status: In Review
by Moderator on ‎04-07-2012 07:39 AM
Status changed to: In Review
by Moderator on ‎07-20-2012 11:15 AM
Unless this has not been fixed with the current firmware, we will close this issue out due to its age.
by on ‎10-22-2012 06:42 PM

I still encounter this problem with a wide range of video files, using the absolute latest firmware (1.11.14, updated earlier this week).  This seems to occur most often with FLV files downloaded from the internet (such as coursework, entertainment, etc), but has also occurred with AVI (DIVX) and MOV files.


The audio gets out of sync very quickly, and can run minutes ahead.  I've never encountered it running behind (slower than) the video.  The audio does not get distorted in any way, so it's not a frequency problem, and the video does not _seem_ to run slowly.  When the audio gets sufficiently far ahead of the video playback, the device seems to just stop audio playback altogether and play the video only.  Sometimes, the audio will resume (some random amount ahead of the video) and sometimes it does not seem to resume at all.  The 'workaround' of pause/play doesn't have any impact at all, although stop/play will re-sync the audio for a moment, and then it wanders out of sync within 10 seconds of playing.


I also notice that the video files that this occurs with always rewind and fast forward very poorly, and seek just as badly.  What this means is that pressing the rewind button does not immediately rewind, but 'waits' (while still playing) for a while (15-30 seconds) before suddenly jumping _way_ back in the video.  Resuming from stopped playback also results in the extended 'wait' time, often very long wait times (measured in multiple minutes) - one 2-hour video resuming from stopped to near the end (about 1:45 took almost 15 minutes to _resume_ playing.  Jumping to near the end of a long video takes _much_ longer than jumping to near the beginning of the same video.


There seems to be no correlation of this problem with video or audio formats, nor with the source of the video files - if I get 2 videos from the same source (e.g. my son's school - same teacher, same encoding software, same everything except the material/content), one will work just fine and the other will be completely unwatchable on the WD TV Live device.  These problems occur whether streamed to the WD TV Live via a Media Server (I use MediaTomb) or with any kind of locally-attached drive (32GB USB flash drive, 160GB SATA via USB).  If the files are remote from the device (shared via SMB or DLNA), the delays and corresponding problems are multiplied significantly - wait times go from 15-30 seconds to 2-10 minutes and control of these videos is completely non-responsive.


The behavior on the WD TV Live player is 100% consistent with the video files that this problem occurs on.  It never has this problem and later self-corrects.  The problem _always_ occurs from the beginning of the video (e.g. within the first 10-30 seconds), and if it does not occur during that time, it won't occur.  Seeking _always_ is a problem with these video files - if the seek (skip to desired time) doesn't work within a few seconds, the video is a problem.


Rebooting the device does not fix the problem - it does fix the Netflix performance issues, though.  Resetting the device has no effect, either - I've reset about 50 times this week, reflashed to the current firmware, and still have the exact same problems with the exact same video files.


I can move these to a PC or a Mac with VLC, WMP, or QuickTime and the files play without any problems whatsoever.  Watching them via a web browser (via the embedded Flash player) works just fine, as well.  Only the WD TV Live player seems to have any problem at all with these videos.  I can use ffmpeg to convert the files to another format, and ffmpeg reports no problems with the source - the converted files seem to play with no noticeable problems on WD TV Live or any other player that I use.

by on ‎01-27-2013 05:34 AM

I too have lip sync issues, and this has persisted through a number of generations of firmware.  Some MP4 files synchronise perfectly, but the majority require an adjustment of 200ms.  One (the second part of Around the World in 80 Days) needs a full 2 seconds, which is ridiculous.  The WD TV Live box is connected to the TV (Sony Bravia) with an HDMI cable, and the video files are stored on an external USB drive.  I have tried different audio codecs when creating the MP4 files (using Handbrake) but the results are the same


If I replace the WD TV Live with my laptop pc (same HDMI cable, same external drive) the files play on the TV with perfect sync in VLC.


I can only conclude that there is an issue with the WD TV Live box.

by on ‎01-29-2013 12:32 PM

Further to my last post, I had hardly sent it when a new firmware upgrade came through (1.13.18).  I checked several videos which had given issues before - including ATWI80D pt 2 mentioned above - and all now display a reduced discrepancy of around 100ms.  Unfortunately, that now includes others which were previously perfectly sychronised.  Well, any improvement is welcome, but it's still not quite as it should be.  So it still rates as "must try harder".

by on ‎12-19-2013 01:14 PM

Using the 1.16.13 firmware (rolled back from 2.01.86 due to the "resume" problem) playing MKV files all seem to benefit from a correction of -100 ms on the audio lip synch setting. Mostly visible with animated movies, the "real life" material might do with a milder correction of perhaps -50 ms ??). Its a pity that the dialed in correction is switched off even after stopping the movie,and cannot be permanently saved in some way (keeping the correction even after a full shutdown (5 sec press on the standby button) would be very nice). Not having to correct the audio synch would be the best solution, of course.

I thought it might be caused by using an inferior HDMI cable, but the MKV files played through my blu ray player (from the same USB drive, another (same type) HDMI cable ) do not show this behaviour, so for now there seems to be no reason to invest in a 30 plus euro cable. Collegues using mede8er or AC Ryan players do not seem to have or recognise this problem. 

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