MLB TV Freezes, buffers, doesn't work in general

Status: Investigating
by on ‎06-26-2012 07:51 PM

I bought the WD TV Live so I'd be able to watch MLB.TV and stream videos from my computer. I haven't had a problem streaming videos, but MLB.TV is so frustrating that it's pretty much unusable.


Playing a live game is as unpredictable as can be. Sometimes You'll get three or four uninterrupted innings, but more often than not you will get a blue spinning arrow and a frozen video feed. Sometimes it emerges from this and goes back to the live feed. Sometimes it reduces the quality of the feed. Currently it has been spinning for several minutes with no sign of recovery. Sometimes you're able to hit the back button and reload the stream, but othertimes the game freezes with no blue arrow and requires a power pull reset of the whole unit.


The most frustrating part is that MLB.TV streaming works flawlessly on my computer on the same network, as well as my phone, so the problems are obviously with the WD TV software. And rather than fixing problems in the latest firmware, things have gotten worse and have not been update after being reported three weeks ago:


Which firmware were you using? 1.07.18.  The more recent two firmwares had more severe issues, as seen in the above two issue threads.


What exactly happened?  See above


What you were doing?  Watching a live baseball game.


What hardware and media were you using? WD TV Live


Does it happen every time? Yes, it eventually freezes at some point in time.


Does it happen with previous firmware? I have not tried earlier firmwares, I have reverted back to this one twice.


Does power cycling the unit solve it? No


Does resetting to factory defaults solve it? No


Have you tried this on other devices? Yes, it does not have the issue on my computer or phone. I've also tried it on a wired and wireless network connection, it hasn't made a difference.

Status: Investigating
by Moderator on ‎07-03-2012 08:39 AM
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by on ‎07-13-2012 06:57 PM

Any updates or foreseeable updates about this issue? It's very frustrating.

by Moderator on ‎07-28-2012 12:42 PM
Status changed to: Investigating
by on ‎08-05-2012 10:54 AM

The latest firmware, 1.10.13 now causes the box to reset randomly without warning. This has happened on several different days, and it has happened multiple times per game.

by on ‎08-14-2012 08:01 PM

Had the worst experience yet with MLB.TV. Latest firmware. Occasionally the live game feed wouldn't even start, the blue arrow froze. Backing out of this went to a black screen, that took over five minutes to shut down once the power button was pressed and the yellow arrow showed up.


When the game loaded, it would get the blue arrow freeze anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes into the feed. Had to abandon after trying for two innings and watch on my computer. 


Has any progress been made towards finding out why streaming a video feed, something that works flawlessly on my phone or computer, does not work on this box?

by ‎08-20-2012 06:57 PM - edited ‎08-20-2012 07:06 PM

Latest update: MLB.TV  freezing on a still frame. No blue arrow. Requires a power cycle. Very frustrating. 


EDIT: So far during a fifteen minute stretch, have had one freeze that required a power cycle, one that allowed me to back out to the menu, and now the device just reset itself without warning.


EDIT: Second freeze requiring power cycle.

by on ‎09-08-2012 10:50 AM

To answer the question that I'm sure has been on your minds, no, the latest firmware 1.11.14 has made no improvements to performance. Not surprising, as this was not addressed in the log, but trying it out I've already had the unit reset itself, a game freeze and require a power cycle and of course, spinning blue arrows that required exiting and restarting the feed.

by on ‎09-20-2012 10:19 PM

I'm thinking of getting rid of my two WD TV Live boxes over this. My computers, the service built into my TV and other devices have no problem streaming and these boxes used to be fine, now I can't watch 3 minutes of a game without freeze, play, freeze, play, freeze, quality drop, play for a few minutes followed by the box rebooting.


There aren't THAT many services on these boxes. You'd think the few that are would at least function to reasonable expectations most of the time.


I'm also on 1.11.14 and have more than adequate internet speeds.


Anyone know if Boxee support is better for

by on ‎12-18-2012 10:23 AM

I guess we just have to hope something gets fixed before the 2013 season. Disappointing that nobody ever responded to this thread.

by on ‎01-30-2013 04:09 PM

Have there been any finds from the "Investigation" that has been going on since July?

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