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Streaming Internet Explorer

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Can I stream/project Internet Explorer through my WD TV HD Live player so I can surf the web on my  Plasma? I know I can "Play To" with Windows 7 for movies and music using Windows Media player, but can I surf the web through the media player using Internet Explorer or Firefox?


I am fully wireless within my house, network is working and I can see and use all my devices, the only thing I can't do is surf the web on my plasma wirelessly.


Please help.

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Re: Streaming Internet Explorer

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Re: Streaming Internet Explorer

If you want to stream the internet on your plasma then get a IEEE 802.11 a/n 5.0 GHz laptop with HDMI output. Use as a dual monitor.


My computer desk and entertainment center just happens to be close to each other that I have an HDMI cable going from the computer to the LED HDTV. The LEDTV has an optical audio output to the A/V receiver for the 5.1 stereo. This setup is okay when nobody else is using the computer.


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