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Is There a Better way to do this ?

I just purchased a WD TV -Live unit , and wireless connect it to my PC ( using a USB WiFi dongle )  where my media content for watching is stored on my PC's HDD  .... this is what I have to do every time I want to use the unit to watch some thing ..

1. switch on

2. Scroll to main menu

3. Select settings

3. Select network settings

4. Select network set up

5. Select network connection - wireless

6. Select SSID input method - Auto search

7. Select an avaiable wireless network - auto search

8. Unit looks and finds a wireless network

9. Unit finds my WiFi network ( using my USB wireless dongle ) OK

10. Select video

11. Select network share

12. select my HDD on my PC - ok

13. Connect to my HDD on my PC where my viewing content is stored .

Can some one please tell me if there's a quicker way to do all the above

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Re: Is There a Better way to do this ?

Are you saying that your player does not automatically connect to your network when switched on. What happens if you wait a while after switching on and then select network share.
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Re: Is There a Better way to do this ?

after setting up your wireless network, have you selected it to be the default wireless connection?

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