Device reboots when browsing through files after Firmware Upgrade 3.03.13

Status: Resolved
by ‎03-08-2012 09:52 AM - edited ‎03-10-2012 07:35 PM

To Whom it May Concern:

- What hardware and media were you using?

  • WD TV Live Hub
  • WD My Book Live 2TB Network Storage Device (NAS) running Twonky Media Server 5.1.9
  • Browsing through music, photo and video media files (but not actually using them at the time)

- Which firmware?

  • WD TV Live Hub - Release 3.03.13 (2/29/2012)
  • WD My Book Live NAS - Release 02.10.09-124

- Device Setup:

  • This device is not used to stream media to the network.  It is used to play media on the NAS and via the provided streaming services.
  • DLNA Media Server OFF
  • iTunes Server OFF
  • Sync from USB Storage OFF
  • Sync content from a Network Shared Folder OFF
  • Autoplay OFF
  • Media Library OFF
  • Get Content Info - MANUAL ONLY
  • Mobile Sharing OFF
  • Music Playback Mode - REPEAT AND SHUFFLE

- What happened?
Device reboots while browsing through files when scrolling continuously. Specifically:

  • Turn on Device normally.
  • Browse to Music, Videos or Photos.
  • Browse to and select (with the OK button) the "All Tracks", "All Photos" or "All Videos" folder.
  • Press and hold the right arrow key.  
  • After a number of pages the device reboots.  It only took a few (less than 10) pages for Music before it rebooted.  I had to scroll through many more pages in Photos before it rebooted and videos were somewhere inbetween.

- What were you doing?
Scrolling to the right by holding the right arrow key down on the remote control while in the "All Tracks" folder within "Music"; "All Photos" folder within "Photos"; or "All Videos" folder within "Videos".

- Does this happen every time?

- Did this happen with previous firmware?
No. This was never a problem with any of the prior versions.

- Does power cycling the unit solve this?

- Does resetting to factory defaults solve this?

  • Not sure exactly how to do this and what settings I will lose if I do.
  • Will I have to redo the numerous firmware updates again after resetting to factory default?

- Have you tried this on other devices?

  • Yes.  I also have a WD TV Live Streaming Media player (SMP) [Firmware Release 1.07.15 (2/29/2012)] which behaves exactly like this.  
  • With the previous firmware for the WD TV Live SMP, it did not have this problem either.

- Additional Information:

  • The "Music", "Video" and "Photos" are all set up to use the Twonky Media server running on the NAS.  While it's never been my favorite way play music (I'm a fan of foobar2000), it at the very least has always worked.
  • The Twonky Setup has not been changed from the how it was set up while running the prior firmware and was working properly.
  • Scrolling through files never used to cause a reboot.
  • The NAS has about 11,200 music files (99% are MP3's), 50,500 photos (99% are JPG's) and 2,300 videos (widely varying file formats and sizes).


Status: Resolved
Please update your WDTV to firmware version 3.05.10. This issue had been resolved. Thank you.
by Moderator on ‎03-10-2012 08:14 AM
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by on ‎03-17-2012 07:22 AM

i can also confirn this behavior. version 3.03.13  i have 2 units and it happens on both

by on ‎03-18-2012 04:24 AM

I have tried this but my Hub doesn't reboot. I've scrolled from file 1 to 2,256 of my FLAC files. I have my files stored on the Hubs internal disk. Where are your files stored?

by ‎03-19-2012 11:26 AM - edited ‎03-19-2012 11:27 AM

I'm having the same issue while browsing my image folders (jpeg images). Very annoying, had to stop using it, the unit rebooted every 2-3 minutes.

by on ‎03-19-2012 06:35 PM

I have found if watching a movie, it will not reboot, however if in idle, playing music, browsing, and/or doing a slideshows, it will reboot.  I am worried about losing movies, so I have a movie in infinite loop while I backup movies to external hard drive.  Truly expected more from WD.

by on ‎04-14-2012 02:20 AM


I have just bought the WDTV Live and I can make it crash  every time when I browse my media content fast.


Please can you help as I have a lot of content and I sometimes need to browse quickly. Seems crazy to have a system that you can't do that.


I took the last one back as I thought it was broken and the second unit does exactly the same.


Please help or I think I will just return it.

by on ‎04-17-2012 09:13 AM


I have this same issue and it **bleep**. I can consistently recreate this problem with my image files. I set to slideshow and the system will reboot every time. PLEASE FIX!

by on ‎04-26-2012 07:51 AM

I have been post mulitple post of each step I have taken and how it crashes for weeks, but every time I post it stays burried adn nothing happens


I can't watch anything without a reboot.  I am at the point where i want to return it and get something else.  I don't care about all the fluff and the add ons. They are great but I built a full fledge media center for that and really that is where I would expect it, but I do expect this to play without crashing every day. 

by on ‎04-28-2012 09:11 PM

I have the same issue on both of my WDTV live streaming boxes.  I have about 1200 files in one folder and since the above mentioned update if I scroll forward or backwards and hit the 570 file either way WDTV restarts.   This is a big problem.  I played with the WDTV settings and nothing helps.

by on ‎05-01-2012 12:52 PM

I have the same issue. The unit resets at the drop of a hat now. Whenever I brows photos, run a slide show or brows music. It resets and re-builds the library.

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