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Tv live application for iphone

Anybody tried to use the wd tv live application for iphone to share content to wd tv live hub.

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Re: Tv live application for iphone

Yes i did use the 'WD Photos' app which can be used to transfer video and photos from your iPhone via WIFI to your WDTV Live Hub. It works pretty nice. And all video and photos work nicely.


I also use the app (free) which has the option to search e.g. YouTube videos on your iPhone and play them on the WDTV Live Hub this is a lot quicker then using the remote control (if you don't have a keyboard connected to your WDTV.

My WDTV (1st gen) was nice but my new WDTV Live Hub is even nicer!
Using firmware 3.01.19 and wireless network (Linksys Cisco) WUSB600N
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