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Transfer from External to Hub

Okay, i have mapped my External USB 2TB WD Element which is directly Connected to my Hub on my PC.


This allows me to drag/drop files to wirelessly transfer onto the External Drive connected to the Hub


But how do i go about transfering files that are on the External Drive, onto the Hub at Maximum speed'


I know how to sync files from the External to the Hub and i get like 9MB/s when doing that, but it doesn't allow me to pick and choose certain files to transfer.


and if i try to transfer from my PC using the mapped external drive, dragging and dropping from the external to the hub's mapped drive i only get my wireless transfer speeds (1mb/s)


Is there anyway to pick/choose certain files to transfer from the hub and also get "sync" speeds as if i transfered by using the remote ?

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Re: Transfer from External to Hub