Amazon Instant Video

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎03-05-2013 09:50 AM

Are there plans to include Amazon Instant Video service to the WD TV Live streamer?

Status: Unplanned
by on ‎03-05-2013 11:06 AM

Would also be for this.

by on ‎03-05-2013 04:56 PM

Piling On--it's been a request for years....


Amazon Prime is improving rapidly and now has exclusives that Netflix doesn't have.


It's long overdue

by on ‎03-19-2013 04:18 PM

I agree! Almost chose another provider because of this freature. 

by on ‎03-22-2013 12:15 PM

Yes, Should add Amazon instant video

by on ‎03-24-2013 07:42 PM

really want the amazon instant video app !!

by on ‎03-28-2013 04:52 AM

Woman Sad

Amazon Instant  now please 

by on ‎04-04-2013 07:25 AM

I would buy three of these devices if they supported Amazon Video...

by on ‎04-08-2013 09:29 PM

People have been asking about this since 2011...


Any responces from WD?

by ‎04-11-2013 08:07 AM - edited ‎04-11-2013 08:19 AM

Please add this feature, I have also left feedback with Amazon asking them to do their part to make sure this happens.


Response I got from Amazon:



I understand that you'd wish to stream Amazon Instant Videos on 'Western Digital live TV' device.

Please understand that currently Amazon Instant Videos aren't supported on "Western Digital live TV" device. I'm sorry for any disappointed caused.

I realize that its disappointing to know that the device from which you intended to watch the Amazon Videos isn't compatible, but please understand that "Western Digital" has exclusive rights to the hardware and software that would make it possible for to provide Amazon Instant Videos for these devices.

Because of these restrictions, we are unable to offer compatible video content at this time. I hope you understand.

I appreciate that you wrote about this so that I can point out increased demand for the availability of Amazon Instant Videos on the '"Western Digital live TV" device. We are regularly working on our improvements and I've taken your comments as a feedback and forwarded to our Digital Video team for consideration as we make future improvements.

It is an important part of upcoming developments in our Amazon Instant Video service, but there is currently no time-line.

The development team is working on it. You may have noticed some major wins for our customers, now that iPad and iPhone became compatible recently, with more to come. With that kind of proliferation there's a significant increase in pressure to get the Amazon Instant Videos service added to this device.

When Amazon Instant Video is made available on a new device, it’s added to our Compatible Devices page. You can find the list of compatible devices to stream Instant Videos here:

We are trying very hard to establish ourselves as a successful online digital store and can assure you of numerous changes in very near future which will enable us to achieve our goal and Customer feedback like yours is very important in helping us continue to improve our website and services.

For more information about watching Amazon Instant Videos, visit our Help pages:

If you still need any assistance, please contact us again and we'd be happy to help. Amazon Instant Video specialists can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the following link:

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

by ‎04-14-2013 01:50 PM - edited ‎04-14-2013 01:51 PM

I wish WD would be transparent about their plans for supporting Amazon.  If there is a technical reason as to why it is not possible, I would love to hear the explanation.  If its just a licensing issue between WD and Amazon, it is in both their interests to work out a deal because its hurtong both of them not to have this partnership.  Hopefully someone from WD will read this comment and respond with a reason WHY Amazon is still not supported.  I'm seriously considering Roku to replace my WD TV Live as I'm sure many people are

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