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Smartware not performing schedule or continuous backups

I've installed the current version of Smartware on 2 xp computers. Ater performing the first backup, files are not continuously (or schedule) backing up. I have read this forum and it seems like this is a problem with the current software.  Is this the case and if so, is there any work around?

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Re: Smartware not performing schedule or continuous backups

pfc49- Are your PC's still connected physically with an ethernet cable to the network? I've found that the backup does not work at all if I am connecting via WiFi only. Apparantly this is a known issue.


Otherwise, I am having a simiar issue: new files are not backed up 'continuously' after I create them.


Repro Steps:

1. Start computer

2. Confirm computer is connected with ethernet cable to the same router the MyBookLive is connected to.

3. Confirm MyBookLive is on and connected to network (light flashing)

4. Confirm I can connect to MyBookLive shares via PC

5. Confirm Backup is set up and is configured to be "Continuous Backup", with default backup plan enabled.

6. Create a new TXT file in the "Documents" folder using Notepad.

7. Wait - WD Smartware says "Backup accomplished successfully" and file count matches.


Expected Result: the new TXT file shows up in the corresponding "Documents" folder in \\MyBookLive\Smarware\...\Documents" share.

Actual Result: The new TXT file does not show up in the Smartware backup share in the "Documents" folder.


I have tried rebooting the PC, rebooting the MyBookLive, and Disabling and then re-enabling the backup via the WD Smartward application.



Firmware: MyBookLive  02.42.02-012 : Core F/W

WD Smartware: 2.1.0
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

Antivirus: Avast!

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Re: Smartware not performing schedule or continuous backups

I'm having the same problem with 2.1.0 - installed on 2 Win 7 computers, one is still backing up continuously the other has stopped backing up My documents but still backs up the other two directories.


PC is Ethernet connected and on the same sub-net as the My Booklive Duo.





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