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How to remove backup volumes using Smartware?

@James_K you wrote:


Re: How to remove backup volumes using Smartware?


I understand. 

If you navigate to the drive and delete the folder named  WD SmartWare this will delete all previous backups performed by the software.

Then launch the WD SmartWare on your new system, (you might need a reboot), you should beable to go to backup and have the ability to run backup again and start over."


did you mean WD SmartWare.swstor?

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Re: How to remove backup volumes using Smartware?

Hi there, the smartware.swstor folder is the new folder to hold the data on recent Smartware updates, the OLD version is the one that uses the WD_Smartware folder.

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Re: How to remove backup volumes using Smartware?

Please help a beginner.  I want to backup my current files and allow the program to run for 3 months.  Now to protect against fire,  I want to move the external drive to the bank safety deposit box and start a new backup on a second drive.  In 3 months I want to rotate the drives, bringing the first one home.   Do I simply allow the first drive to "catch up" or can I delete the old backups first.  If so, do I delete the WD_Smartware folder first?  How does the new folder smartware.swstor get set up.  Would appreciate any help on how to go about keeping one complete backup in a safe place.    Arnie49

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