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passport makes clicking noise

Hi everyone!


This is my problem I hope someone knows a solution.

My WD Passport makes a continous clicking noise when I plug it in and is not recognized by the operating system. I tried both on OSX and Win7 and several different USB ports. The usb cable is pretty short so length can't be the issue. I didn't drop it either.
Is there any way to get it working or at least recover my data?

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Re: passport makes clicking noise

If your drive is clicking, it may not be getting adequate power (connection problem) or a hardware fault. Since, you have tried on two different PCs or Mac’s it is highly unlikely you have a connection issue. It is advisable to get a warranty replacement ASAP or a refund. (Refund is preferred in my case as WD is not taking any initiative to resolve ongoing MY Passport related issues.)

Mabikay - SLK

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