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how to change the partition (GPT to NTFS)

my hard drive is 1 TB


last mounth i create a back up from hard drive so two days ago my hard was formatted. when i restore the back up the system take 13 hour to restore the files after that my hard drive is without any files, so change his partition from NTFS to GPT. and the speed is decrease in 600Kb/s  

how can i increase the speed and change the format of the hard drive to NTFS

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Re: how to change the partition (GPT to NTFS)

This is drives for Windows GPT and NTFS are 2 different things. Most drives smaller than 2T are NTFS and MRB. Drives larger than 2T are NTFS and GPT. The MRB and GPT have to do with the boot files. Some motherboards use GPT and Windows 8 uses it for secure boot. That's about all I know about it


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