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deleting files

I accidently moved a file onto my passport and everytime I try to delete the file,  I get  cannot delete "Access Denied". Now when I copy that same file to my computer hardrive, I can delete it without any problems..... Any suggestions, Do I need to reformat "My Passport" and start all over??? Confused!!

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Re: deleting files

Hi rtojoe,

Did you ever figure out the answer to your problem.  I just got two now my passport essential and am having the same problem.



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Re: Can't delete files

I am having the same problem.


I couldn't delete anything from the drive. After quite a while I decided that I should just format and start over.  Then I found out that I can't format it for the same reason (Disk is write-protected).  I then used the "erase disk" function from the WD Passport management software.  When I did that, the disk was no longer recognized by the WD software and when I tried to look at the drive through windows, it told me that it wasn’t formatted.  I tried to format it but it still says that it is write-protected.


I also noticed one other thing.  The light is blinking constantly.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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