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Sick WD My Passport HDD

Need help in getting the above, filled with valuable data, up and running. Driver is missing and could not be detected by Win 8. Microsoft could not locate driver on computer and online and advised to get support from manufacturer which is WD. Not much help from WD so would greatly appreciate assistance from anyone familiar with this type of problem since I do not want to be straddled with a $100 WD junk. Product is a few month old WD My Passport WD-HDD-28 1TB with P/N: WDBBEP00100K-01. Thanks and cheers...

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Re: Sick WD My Passport HDD

Hi it is a ses driver you need it would be on the passport drive this is only used to work with the auto backup. If you are just going to copy and paste files onto the drive you don't need it. Just plug the drive in right click any file or folder choose send to that passport drive. You can get the SES driver under downloads for your product.

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